Life On The Water In A Tiny House Boat

Combining the alluring freedom of both living and life on the water, this tiny floating is an incredible alternative living solution.

Designed by Ian Ugarte in collaboration with architect Drew Heath, this tiny house boat, named the , was designed to be strong and lightweight, designed for a life at sea with open views to the surrounding environment, all with an architectural edge.

You can find our more about this on our website:–water-tiny-house-boat/

This is designed to be a fully functioning boat. It can travel at a decent speed and is comfortable for full time live-aboard life. It can be moored either on a swing mooring, or at a marina and is completely self contained with all the normal holding tanks. It’s also completely off-the-grid, generating it’s power from a solar system on the roof and capitalising on Australia’s high sunshine hours.

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  1. Not really sold on this it just highlights what is wrong with the housing/construction industry in Australia there is no way this should even come anywhere close to costing what it did…. Im not saying it didnt just that it shouldnt. Considering the fact that the pontoon bottom is just a glorified poly tank that are manufactured locally the fact that there was barely any steel framing and the rest of the material looks like regular sliding glass doors and marine grade ply apart from the regular decking floor. The fact that he wasnt including labour in his costing and comparing it to a bricks and mortar with land to justify the high cost is ridiculous. Over regulation, over the top trade prices and an unregulated real estate industry has meant that homeownership has been put out of reach for many Australians.

  2. Bryce you are so good at interviewing people. No awkwardness and everyone always looks comfortable talking with you.
    You have done so much for the tiny house community.

  3. I totally agree with the upper deck. It’s either too hot or too cold and it can get really windy. The lower deck is more than sufficient plus you’re close to the water and you can close up those windows if you want to. Interesting concept!

  4. How would New Zealand treat house boats, Auckland Council is trying to stop them. But various rivers would be nice.
    Upper Whanganui would be beautiful.
    Also Whanganui once had river boat traffic

  5. Every Dutch person in the comments is like: “That’s just a floating house, what’s special about that…”

  6. What changes are needed to live full time on the houseboat? More storage (various water, batteries, other), winterize etc?

  7. Wow beautiful. What are the dimension of this houseboat? Length / beam over all and dimensions of the enclosed area?

  8. Ever since I saw the “Tammy” movie in 1957, I wanted to live simply on a house boat. I haven’t made it yet but this is perfect. This is a smart guy. Thanks for showing us this incredible home.

  9. I clicked like before I even watched the video! I KNEW this was going to be amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’ve always wanted a house boat!

  10. Lovely….until the day it sink…..very cool….. a submarine…..please paint it yellow, before it goes under.

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