Lincoln TINY HOUSE Rental at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

Take a of “,” a Tiny House vaction available at Mt. Hood in .

This 26 foot Tumbleweed Tiny Home has an upstairs and downstairs bedroom and comfortably sleeps five! Great for family vacations and those who are “Tiny Curious.” It is also the only pet friendly Tiny House rental available at the village.

For full specs and my personal opinions on this Tiny House on my website:


  1. How about some more information on how living costs compare to a larger
    house? I don’t mean just “cheaper”, but some actual comparisons that we can
    get our heads around? Rent, water, elec, gas etc. Thanks.

  2. Are the places where the houses are safe places? How do you get water to
    take a shower? Can you have pets? Are there any tiny houses for rent in
    Vero Beach, FL?

  3. Nice! I used to live in oregon. What a great place. Are ya’ll staying there
    permanently? You might change your mind when you see how much snow they
    get! lol

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