Live Forever In A House The Price of A Car

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The Sparrow is a super with a footprint of only 160 square feet. Nonetheless, it’s ready to house you basically forever given you take good care of her. In the winter she’ll keep you warm and in the summer she’ll keep you dry.

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  1. $38,000 after taxes around $42,000 for this as shown.

    I get it that they are charging $100/hr for labor and it probably took 200hrs to build and they want that sweet 20k profit but still if you can build this yourself it would cost around 15-20k depending on material. There are some who claim you can build for like 4k in material but they are using the crappiest material I mean stuff good for a few years if that and stuff that chips when just open it like a drawer. If you dont want to pay $100/hr for labor then just find a local handyman at your church or somewhere and off them $50/hr they will almost always agree.

  2. This is the best use of the tiny space I have seen done in awhile! Love the day bed/nite bed as u walk in. Instead of trying to put a couch there with lift cousins and space underneath the lift cushions like most people do I like the drawer space. Some of us don’t like to have to move stuff to get to the storage area. Nicely done!!

  3. Thats a sleeping pad,not mattress,and she sits off to the side of it (on the floor) to make it look like theres more head room than there truly is. Dishonesty is annoying

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