Living Big in a Tiny House: Our Traveling Tiny Home In North America

This stunning tiny house is designed to be on the move and will be all over North America! Our visit to the has been incredible. We have formed incredible friendships and made memories that will last a life-time. North America feels like a second home to us and so to help us travel more in the future, together with the team from ( we have built a !!!

The home was constructed on a trailer from Tiny House Foundations ( The trailer is the foundation of your home, so especially with a traveling tiny house like this one choosing a high quality trailer was incredibly .

The design of this tiny house is the culmination of inspiration from my travels over the last years, where I have borrowed many of my favourite design features of the homes we have visited and included them in this .

You can find out more information about this home, including more details about the items found in the home and the suppliers on our website:

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  1. Hey all! There are lots of questions regarding the cost of this build. We have a video coming out next week which details the build and will include info about the cost. We’ve yet to properly tally everything up but estimate that including labour this home would come to around $50,000. ?

  2. Well done. I was surprised when you said it was only 16ft long but you made it very functional. What happened to the original tiny house you were building in New Zealand?

  3. Congrats to you both! Beautiful design! I’ve been waiting for this reveal and to see what a 16ft Tiny House had to offer… No disappointments at all! Thanks for sharing! Happy trails!

  4. Wow! this is the first tiny house where i can honestly and confidently say i would live here if i could and enjoy it. Wow!

  5. Wow gorgeous Bryce. What happened to your first house? And where do you store bikes? I’m inspired! Love your channel it’s the only one I watch each week without fail!

  6. This has been the most informative video you made so far. I really appreciate all the info you shared. Thank you and congrats on your itsy-bitsy traveling home 🙂

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