Living in a Tiny House Heated with FREE Solar Power – Tour & Interview

Gabriel Parent-Leblanc heats his with an awesome air heater. He built his to prove it was possible to live in a year round in a northern climate. Not only did he succeed (he’s been in it for almost 2 years) but he also has one of the smallest heating bills I’ve ever seen. In the winter of 2014/2015, which was one of the coldest in the last 100 years, he spent only $100 on thanks to his solar air heater which provided the bulk of his heat during the day.

Gabriel built his own tiny house with the help of friends and also started the first tiny house company in : Habitations MicroÉvolution:

The solar air heater he uses is distributed by EcoSolaris and they’re planning to release a new and improved model very soon (we filmed a video about it for you, coming soon!):

At night, Gabriel uses an electric heater that is plugged into an meter to track how much he uses for heat. This isn’t the exact meter he used but it was something like this:

His tiny house design was focussed on creating a spacious and comfortable living room with a massive u-shaped sitting area that has the option to put up a table up to make it a dinette, or put down the table to make it an extra bed.

He’s also got a galley kitchen, a sleeping loft, storage loft, and small bathroom with a shower and composting toilet.

The fact that Gabriel’s house is run almost completely on solar power is pretty impressive. He’s got 750 Watts on his roof that power the lights, fridge, water pump, and all of his electrical outlets; and his solar air heating panel provides a lot of his heating needs.

While he is living almost completely in a suburb of Montreal, one thing Gabriel does find challenging is his small water tank. It only holds 100 litres so he often has to re-fill it with a hose. With his metal roof he could probably install a rainwater catchment system to provide some of his water needs.

You can find out more about Gabriel’s tiny house business and his workshops here:

For anyone interested in the products Gabriel mentioned in the video (his trailer, the vertical planter, tiny house plans, natural wood oil), check out his store here:

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Still shots of the tiny house in winter, and of Gabriel teaching his tiny house workshop were taken by Jean-Sébastien Poirier from Daedalos Media


  1. Hi your tiny house is very well put together and I could see myself living
    in it. I really like your extra storage space in the center and your
    hanging wall plants. I think that you did prove the point that using solar
    in the two ways you have, dose work in the cooleder weather. I know Iiving
    in Manitoba.

  2. Did I miss how much the house costs fully constructed? (It can’t be too
    cheap if they’re selling just the trailer for $10k according to the

  3. I’ve watched a lot of these tiny house videos, and yours is one of the
    nicest that I’ve seen. It’s kinda plain on the outside, but the interior
    layout is awesome. Very nice job!

  4. Hello I need to say this house is realy cool! but I need to ask how much
    amps batterys you use for 750watt solarpanel and is there a way for a
    e-solar at a mobile home?

  5. I have sold all my my positions and became a truck driver, I’m a paid
    tourist and I’m free .
    As the grate Buddha said any attachment may lead to suffering. Free
    yourself from modern slavery . I have grate admiration for people like you.

  6. Love the entire concept but, Bylaw will not allow it here in B.C. You can
    rent a RV lot for 600-1500 a month but, that makes it expensive. Are the
    laws different there?

  7. I have three beds and my own couch. I don’t think I could live in that tiny
    house. I’m a Boston Terrier. Is this some kind of Agenda 21 Krrrap?

  8. It’s nice to see one of these tiny houses built in a cold climate…. most
    of the time the people live in the southern U.S. with no consideration for
    northern climate people….congratulations on a great job…

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