Living in a Tiny House SKOOLIE in NEW YORK CITY!?

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (, visits Kat and Gothic Hangman’s SKOOLIE ( conversion) at the Stoughton, MA Festival in September 2017. This converted bus has a queen sized bed, wood stove, bunks, and lots more present and planned. And yes, the duo park and LIVE with a skoolie in New York City!


  1. Hun, if you could or wanted free quality wood, when i was back east n from videos i hv seen recently still show that lumber places, home depot, etc damage boxes are put out in the dumpster. I hv found tong n groove box loads that were dropped from pallets n with a lil effort n glue the wood was 100% repairable but they won’t sell it on the store floor. So they trash it. If you hv a separate vehicle, n look online, drive by or hv the kids check before trash days. My son’s 30 n he isn’t to proud to save tons of $$$. When I upgraded our townhome in Va, I paid for glued, fill are n tape.. I had tons of wood n painted colonial look throughout n never bought a can of paint, chair rail, or bathroom items like sinks, claw tub n tiles. Wood flooring n heated entry way from snoiw with a drain n boot/shoe heater.. nothing I bought.. all found free. Dep ending on your job or abilities, some welders/iron workers can help you in trade for services or if you found stuff they d want or need, barter. I did beauty services for spouse’s to supplying hom e items n floral.

    • you should check out Chris and G travels, they just bought a bus to convert, but were rv living, if you haven’t , oh man so many good channels I could tell you about.

  2. Does Kat leave it parked in the same place year round or does she have many different spots in different parts of the city? I’m amazed at what she’s done with it so far & pleasantly surprised at the price of the bus! I’ve been wanting to either build a mobile tiny home or some sort of van or rv once my daughter graduates in 6 years. I’d like to eventually spend 6 months a year close to my son once he’s married w/kids and the other 6 with my daughter, wherever she ends up! One wants to live city life & the other out in the country! Best of both worlds!!!

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