Living Off the Grid | Best Mini Wood Stove for Tiny Houses, Boats, and RV’s – Ep. 55

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Video made by Nicole starring Jake!!

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  1. @bigdaddy741098 haters? Why? Just because people see through their bullshit don’t mean they are haters. If any haters, the rest must be the mass who follow instinctively their bullshit?

  2. actually, the subscribers have the right to know why they should fork out towards those two freeloaders. We live in an assisted society where people expect free everything without consideration towards any hard working people. I don’t think it is right to ask for any money if you choose the lifestyle you decide to have. If you are an adult, you take the responsibility to look after your life. Off grid does not mean you take from others, off grid means you live by your principles and try to stand by your choices by leading a life without the commodities of every day. That is what it means. This society is an assisted society. After all, life is what you make it

    • Welcome to THIS b.s. channel, darlin! I agree 1000% w all your comments! As this “guy” knows shit about being a woodsmen and disrespects his beautiful wife, all for $ and views! I don’t see this one lasting much longer, to be honest.

  3. Off Grid, in my mind, would be one who is not tied to any public utility, and able to sustain ones self solely on what one produces, grows, raises, harvests, hunts, etc. Also not using electricity but then for those two electricity must be used for the Internet. Off grid my ass or shall I say, Nicole’s ass??

  4. I would be afraid the stove is too close to the ceiling of the boat. That little stove can put out a lot of heat. Be careful…

  5. @Ryo .Hazuki well if you believe those things why are you watching? The only reason you do is so you can write hateful and negative comments, THAT’S what makes you and everyone like you a hater. I can tell you this…. I have never used a chainsaw, but if I ever need to learn I would certainly NEVER watch this channel for that, I would look for a ‘how to use a chainsaw safely for newbs’ video, as far as I know Jake has never said he is trying to teach people how to do anything, in fact, I’m pretty sure he has said the exact opposite. He, like most people posting vlogs on here, just do things the way THEY do them. Not your way, not the best way, THEIR way. If you want a how to video…. dude…. you are on the wrong channel. As far as the other things go? If true, doesn’t bother me any, if it bothers you why don’t you watch someone else? OH YEAHHHH!! That’s right, because then you don’t get to post your boring, hateful comments ??????

  6. The nerdy high 5s are cool, especially because Nicole has no apparent guise, or artifice. Very unusual in a woman so attractive. Plus, H8TRs gotta H8, so ignore them.

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