Living on a 4 Season Houseboat – Beautiful Floating Tiny House!

The River Den (or La Tannière) has customized-made asymmetrical home windows, a basic ship’s wheel, vintage hearth, and hand-constructed furnishings — all of which give the boat a heat and comfy sense that makes you are feeling at home as quickly as you step on board. The boat is docked on the shore of the Gatineau River and Bonnie resides in it as generally as she will when she’s not renting it out on Airbnb (

The tiny houseboat was designed by Bonnie and her boatbuilding good friend, Denis Tremblay, who’s regarded regionally as the Wakefield Pirate. Denis and a few of his mates constructed the boat by hand, such as the aluminum body and the customized home windows, the cupboards, and the grill within the loft.

The boat is constructed on 5 pontoons which are designed to offer flotation at the same time nonetheless taking on some water to maintain the boat weighed down within the water for stability. The pontoons are additionally designed to freeze within the ice and are made by a nearby enterprise referred to as Les Quais Navigables (

It’s a 4-season house boat that’s absolutely insulated and has an vintage timber burning hearth to supply warmth in winter. For strength, they put in a deep cycle marine battery that gives 12-Volt for the lights, bilge pump, and navigation lights. They have a Separett composting rest room from Sweden (, and a sink that pumps water from the river for dishes. For refrigeration, Bonnie makes use of a cooler with ice, but also she could spend money on some photo voltaic panels in order that she will a appropriate fridge in the end.

The principal has a kitchen, rest room, eating room and front room, and upstairs there’s cozy a sleeping loft with a grill flooring that permits warmth to rise with the aid of the ground, and solar & mud to journey right down to the primary degree. One of the home windows within the loft up onto a beautiful rooftop patio with a cedar deck and has area for some photo voltaic panels if/when Bonnie decides she wants them.

The boat has a motor and may be taken out on the river which is sort of amazing contemplating that is measurement! To be certain the boat was nonetheless street worthy, they constructed a wedge roof over the loft that may be taken aside if Bonnie desires to transport it to a distinct location. The boat is at present docked within the quaint little city of Wakefield, Québec where there are cute cafes, eating places and outlets exact throughout the road.

If any one is taken with renting this house boat, on the webpage right here:

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle



  1. Now this I like. Well thought out. Good plan. Sturdy and I don’t think it’s
    going to fall over LOL.. The last houseboat pretty much looked like it
    might. Bonnie do you have a You Tube channel?

  2. I lived in a boathouse briefly. It didn’t move, but living on a river gets
    into the soup that makes you up. It’s beautiful…beautiful soup.

  3. I’ve been a boater my entire life and live on a river in Northern IL.
    I absolutely love this tiny house boat design and the rustic simplicity.
    Maybe someday I’ll build similar as a guest cottage on our sea wall? I love
    the Airbnb idea as well, you’ve got me thinking here .

  4. She is so inspiring! I wish I knew her social media so I could follow her
    and be inspired even more! She truly embodies the spirit of being free and
    being passionate about what a person loves and I admire that she has done
    what she aspired to do!

  5. This looks not only comfortable to me but also very peaceful and calming.
    Would LOVE to live there. Was the perfect home for me,too.

  6. I live in Ottawa and I cannot imagine you will be able to live in that low
    insulated house in Quebec winters, unless you do nothing but feed that
    little stove all winter, and that too surrounded by ice, better put a
    larger motor on it and go east to the Atlantic in November toward Bermuda,
    you would be there in less than a week.

  7. Very cool and interesting living space. I wonder if its cold in Quebec
    winters with all those windows…

  8. I would strongly advise her to build a good filter system for the river
    water she uses to clean and shower with. You would be surprised what can be
    in river water.

  9. Thanks for sharing. This houseboat has so many unique and interesting
    features crammed into the video, thanks

  10. Great vid as always ! … I was thinking of doing this also someday. Thumbs

  11. I don’t know how anyone can dislike these videos. I’ve been subscribed for
    so long and I have yet to watch one I didn’t like. You guys do so much for
    us with these videos, thank you!

  12. Quite impressive… the design details are clever. Congratulations! I’m a
    67 year old sailor with great appreciation for experiencing life involving
    water. haha


  13. Oh my gosh this amazing! I love your videos and always look forward to new
    ones, this is probably my favorite youtube channel! Do you know the full
    dimensions and the cost to build it?

  14. 1. Are you paying some fee for having your boat on the water? How much a
    month, if so?
    2. What do you do with your compost?
    3. No fridge, how do you find/eat? Everyday grocery shopping?
    4. How is no fridge appealing when dealing with airbnb renters? Is there
    some other accommodations?
    5. How are you paying for utilities or is it 100% off grid? Do you still go
    to a 9 to 5
    Is this really a second home then. Like you have a regular house or apt
    somewhere and this is just like a weekend thing?

    This vid was cool but it did not properly go into the practicality of this
    kind of living. Its cool to look at and complement but when it comes to
    day-to-day life this kind of representation is pointless.

  15. How abot adding turbines underneath the boat that generate electricity as
    the river naturally flows through them; store that electricity in huge
    batteries, power a refridgerator and everything else you need?

  16. Cool House, im about half an hour drive from where that is. I was not sure
    how aluminum is better than steel as far as expanding and contracting!!

  17. Very cool Bonnie! We have a Tiny Houseboat, DIANNE’S ROSE that we use as a
    cottage but I like the idea of having one to live full time on. Enjoy your
    home!!! Best Roy and Dianne.

  18. The grill floor is by far one of the best features I have seen in tiny
    houses so far : it’s lighter than wood, lets dust fall, allows heat and air
    to circulate and it’s way better and healthier for the mattress (no
    moisture accumulated, less germs and odors…). I wonder why it is not more
    common in thiny houses !
    That said, lovely boat and owner and great video ! :)

  19. Wonderful tiny home houseboat! Wonderful young woman! I love seeing young
    people being adventurous and living in alternate ways. Wish I had been as
    brave when I was her age. :)

  20. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video, Exploring alternatives you always
    give us the best, keep it up.

  21. wow some really great ideas went into this. I love the idea of the metal
    floor 😀 But the deck i would have done all with wood. is a bit weird like
    this. And the “sofa” i also don’t like. For my taste too bulky and
    unflexible for a tiny house. rest is great.

  22. Nice Houseboat, could u post the name of the builder and his case
    we’d like to get in touch?

  23. OMG I love this! Always interested to see tiny houses that can survive all
    4 Canadian seasons. It’s really well thought out, especially the
    collapsable roof to be able to take on the road!

  24. Hello, I was hoping to contact Bonnie as I am currently doing a similar
    adventure only a few hours away, could someone puts me in contact please?.
    I’m johna kaycee on facebook. get in touch

  25. If you’re brushing your teeth and washing your dishes in lake water, you
    may as well go ahead and drink it: you are already ingesting enough that,
    if it were going to make you sick, it would have already…

  26. Have been a tiny house video enthused for a couple of years now. Few can
    come close to this amazing tiny house boat. Beautiful! Comfy looking. Just
    perfect in every detail! I want to move to Wakefield, Quebec and have
    Bonnie design one for me! 🙂 🙂 Not actually possible, but a nice dream.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  27. It looks as though the sink drains right back into the river, along with
    all the soap and grey water from washing.

  28. Hey Bonnie!! I stumbled upon this today! of course i looove it. Namaste…
    bump into you soon i hope. :)

  29. I looked in to doing this for my family and I few months ago. The hardest
    information to find was on the pontoon. Was it expensive to construct the
    ABS pontoon?

  30. I’m not familiar with Quebec Canada, but no way no how would I be brushing
    my teeth, washing my hands and dishes with river water.

  31. This is one of my favorite tiny homes I have ever seen. I am so psyched to
    build some sort of traveling tiny home, whether it be out of a short bus,
    maybe a camper if it’s just the right one, and now I am actually
    considering doing something like this. I plan to have a tiny footprint
    regardless of what or how I do this thing. Thanks for sharing this. You
    have inspired me so much! I am happy for you to be living such a wonderful
    lifestyle! Good luck in all you do, Tammie Miller

  32. What a wonderful video…. You have a fabulous lifestyle… I’m 70 and
    would love to retire to a small house boat.. That may become an option
    soon… As far as the water… I wouldn’t have any problem with it at all.
    It’s so nice to see an idea come to life… Enjoy it!

  33. So awesome…great video Bonnie….I’d miss seeing that funky shape in the
    harbour if you ever moved it…congrats on all the work you have done to
    get this idea to float;)

  34. What a gorgeous home you have! So peaceful…now i know the meaning of
    serenity! Thanks for sharing :)

  35. a friend of mine had a similar house boat (not as nice as hers).
    one evening someone thought it would be funny to cut their lines and let
    them float down stream. they woke up at 3am 16 miles down stream when they
    hit a bridge :(

  36. Awesome! Amazing! but I barely made it through the video because of all the
    upspeak….who invented upspeak! aaahhh!

  37. that’s a sweet house boat, pay it on renting free liven except for dock
    fee… thx for the vid.. kinda woundering on the cost of build and what you
    get for rental but disclosure of info is safe…

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