Luxury, High-End Tiny House After Leaving Ex Large Home

Couple downsizes from a 5,000+ square foot mansion to a high-end with every . Now they live on the road and want for not.

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Matt Alexander

Marcia Trader





  1. I just LOVE your tiny home. The sliding stairs was just genius. Your house is definitely in the top ten of incredible tiny houses. Thanks for sharing 💕💕

  2. I rent/live in a ridiculously priced tiny apartment, actually your tiny home is bigger than my apartment. I absolutely love your idea and congratulations with your new tiny big living life 🙌🏾♥️

  3. I’m not sure why tiny houses are trending now you can go to any trailer park those people to known it for years

  4. I’m so impressed with what they’ve done. There were more “conversions” that had to be done than I would be able to do… but moving things back and forth and shifting things for multiple purposes is what tiny homes excel at. I would have to do a bit less of that to enjoy it. But, hey, it’s not about me! THEY LOVE IT! And I’m so happy for them. What a unique way to spend those empty nest years.

  5. Wow just incredible! Love the gooseneck it really does give more options. Thank you Jenna for another great tour ❤. Hey Jenna I’m looking at tiny tranquility to park my tiny, hopefully builder and tranquility will have a space for me in March ❤.

  6. This is such a beautiful house. They have thought of everything. I think it is the best house I’ve seen, nevermind tiny house.

  7. II guess it comes down to what motivates you to go tiny. Beautiful design but beyond the means of average people.

  8. This is an incredible home and more power to this very resourceful couple. Rich or not, building your own home is no joke. But my comment is to thank Jenna, Wilbs and a few other folks who are actually trying to educate people in the comment section. Not sure its helping though. Whether you are rich or poor, if you live in a regular American house your carbon footprint is way more than theirs despite them towing their house with a semi.
    On a related note, having money is not a crime. Most people work hard for it.

  9. I don’t mean to sound negative, but it just shows that everything is very subjective. To me, that kitchen is not practical at all. Those slide out coffee achines and toasters would annoy the crap out of me being in the way all the time, and they take up valuable cabinet space. Same with the ladder to reach the pantry, very unpractical, but to each their own!

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