“Mad Max” themed Tiny House Skoolie (bus conversion)

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen visits the Arlington, Texas Tiny House Jamboree (as a keynote speaker), where he meets up with Wess Lewis of “Transcend Existence” to tour his tiny house . This converted bus is loaded with artistic handmade touches such as the Mad Max-Road Warrior steering wheel, a Papua New Guinea-style tribal mask made from vacuum cleaner and bicycle parts, and so much more.
“Its like the tiki aesthetic, meets mid-century modern, meets the wood stove and natural wood homesteading look, but with a hint of Mad Max”.

To check out Wess’ youtube channel….


  1. I had the opportunity to meet Wess at the Jamboree, he is an awesomely creative person, and that fact reflects in the creative work he has done to his Skoolie. Wishing Safe travels to Wes and the Family. Hoping to see you again soon! Great vid Deek!

  2. That’s a nice bus. One of the first COMPLETE builds I’ve seen. Some folks (I don’t want a conventional shower/toilet, so I left it out)- this guy made his bus a real home!

  3. Love the tiny house movement! I envy everyone who has made the commitment and now over the last 10 years there are so many great channels! This channel is one of them my wife and I both follow about 20 channels now for inspiration for when we make our leap. I just can’t stand his voice, wish he would change his format maybe something similar to Primitive Technology’s channel or even like Kirsten Dirksen’s channel, she hardly talks at all. It gives the videos a very soothing quality and we’ve been following Kristen’s life journey for over 10 years.

    • What else did you want to hear/know?- just curious…..   Its tough- you get too technical and in-depth and you lose most people, so I TRY to make the interview somewhere in between. I also referenced his own channel where he has a ton of details on it, etc….  Anyway, thanks for checking it out

    • Maurice……as DEEK mentioned, I have a pretty complex video series on my channel if you’d like to see more. Thanks for watching!

  4. I watch all of your videos and read your books. I have collected rainwater for household use for over 10 years. What is a safe alternative to add to water tank instead of chlorine bleach? Thanks

  5. I really enjoy your channel as well. Don’t usually comment, but I would have really enjoyed seeing more of his bus..great cabinetry, shower, etc.
    Would have like to have seen the kitchen, the part under the bed, and just more views..
    But this is so awesome..thank you.
    The gentleman is very talented..great wood work again.

  6. Hey DEEK!! Thank you so much for doing a tour of our bus! It was great to hang out with you….May the road bring us together again someday soon!

  7. Nice dude and cool skoolie =) now I have to come up with a new title to my vid lol “great minds think alike” ha!

  8. Great interview, Deek. I’ve watched him build his beautiful bus from the beginning. His videos are definitely worth your time. Good job, Wess!

  9. I talked to Wess at the Jam and this was a very cool skoolie. The skylight at the front of the raised roof is the rear glass from a minivan (he told me, I just can’t remember which one). It’s a very well thought out design. I think he’ll be happy for a long time.

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