Man Builds Adventure-Ready Tiny House w/ Reclaimed Materials

Meet Adam, an outdoor adventure enthusiast and DIY builder in the . His 20′ x 8.5′ x 13.5′ on wheels was built from a wide variety of salvaged and reclaimed materials, like locally-harvested wood. Cost-savings and sustainability were top priorities for Adam. Additionally, Adam’s is well-suited for his active lifestyle.

He created generous gear storage, to meet all his needs as an avid backcountry skier, camper, and rock climber. Overall, his tiny home an ideal adventure base for . Wherever Adam wants to call home because his THOW was built with travel in mind.

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    • N Foss unfortunately he didn’t and actually don’t remember. Darn! We’re gonna see if he’s up for answering questions on here.?

  1. Lovely house! What a tiny home should be. Not sure if I could ascend that rock climbing ladder though! After watching this I immediately thought how I could re-design it for my own use. It’s perfect in every way apart from the sleeping arrangement. Some ideas needed there.

  2. Rustic beams, cozy fire, ski storage as decor, climbing wall, space for real books, charming kitchen, greenhouse (!), great reuse of salvaged materials, and set in an amazing outdoor playground — perfect! Love that he described shoveling snow pile higher than his head, then said, “…but can’t complain; snow’s really fun!” ??

  3. Attractive both the house and the guy! Love how he was conscious of his materials and spendings. Beautifully crafted

  4. I love the style of the wood burning stove : we want a wood burning stove & cook on top of it too! Send more videos!’n

  5. We build what we need, and we’re all individuals. His house works for him, that’s cool. He’s right that with any house you own, tiny or not, it’s a work in progress. It looks like he’s not going anywhere anytime soon though. That last shot of his shed looked a lot like he’s got more stuff then most tiny houser’s are supposed to have, LOL.

    • Wilber Peebody tiny homes are self-portrait! Though not sure there’s certain amount of stuff tiny housers are supposed to have, especially the outdoorsy types with lots of bikes and gear. Adam actually told he preferred a tiny living space and big shop. ?

  6. If I could change two things about my tiny house…I would add a skylight and your climbing hold idea!

  7. He just went out into a national forest and chopped down trees to make the load bearing beams holding up the lofts? I thought surely he was going to say he harvested deadwood.

    • Dee Blakley
      He said he harvested them. He didn’t say whether they were alive or dead. With the type of young man he is, I don’t believe for a minute that he “just went out into a national forest and chopped down trees” that were living.

    • @SuSu Burleson At 7:16, “just went out there and chopped them down, skinned them, and planed them down…”

      I didn’t make that up.

  8. My God, don’t ever injure your back or legs! These tiny homes are a great concept, but hardly convenient for a senior person with physical disabilities. BTW, I’m loving that curtain. Great job. Respect!!!!

  9. Adam you are brilliant. Your home is so warm and inviting. However, the way you described every piece of material that you’ve used and the reasons behind making decisions about the rooms is what glued me to my tablet to see the entire video. Thank you for sharing your piece of heaven with us.

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