Military Couple’s RV Renovation & Nomad Lifestyle

Shelby & Rooster show off their GORGEOUS , which has improved their marriage, allowing them to live together with a transient military career lifestyle.



Dallen Detamore
Jennifer Gonzalez


  1. Wow they did a beautiful job renovating this RV! I would most definitely be able to live there! I absolutely love it! Excellent job you guys! ❤❤❤

  2. Very nice! IMO your RV styling is now more European, light, airy, good use of space. European RVs and Caravans, as we call them in the UK, are much lighter inside and I think make better use of space. Small fridges, microwaves etc are commonly used. I’ve been living in my small space for over 3 years and I love it! Wood burner is essential for our wet Winters? Well done again and good luck for the future!

  3. What a wonderful woman, you can get lost in her eyes … And what a lovely couple and place, I wish you a life full of health and love, to enjoy all the magical moments …

  4. I know of some people who live in a bus, and the new Mom created a hanging baby bed out of macrame cord, how awesome it is. It worked great.

  5. Σκάσε μωρή κι άσε τον άνθρωπο που του βγήκε η Παναγία να φτιάξει τη φάση να μιλήσει!

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