Mindful EcoVillage’s Legal Tiny Houses & Natural Built Homes

Welcome to the Port Townsend EcoVillage. It’s a progressive-minded intentional community, home to a wide variety of naturally built small homes and now two legally permitted #tinyhouses. Enjoy an honest take on experimental ecovillage living with insights into #naturalbuilding techniques & tours of a few fascinating alternative homes.

It was quite an effort for the #EcoVillage to achieve their legal tiny house lot, 4000 square feet with shared utility access and room for 3 . It now hosts 2 -wide tiny houses on piers, each built to the IRC Appendix Q standards.
👉Learn more about the PT EcoVillage: https://www.ic.org/directory/port-townsend-ecovillage

Vikki is the village’s resident tiny house advocate and grassroots-focused economist. She is part of the Jefferson County, Washington’s Housing Solutions Network, working towards missing middle and tiny home friendly regulations: https://housingsolutionsnetwork.org

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  1. Port Townsend EcoVillage on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington is an intentional community striving to live in harmony with the earth and each other. It features a wide variety of naturally built small homes and now 2 legally permitted tiny houses​ on piers. Each tiny house was built to the IRC Appendix Q standards. *Learn more about that groundbreaking building standard in our documentary, “Living Tiny Legally, Part 2”:* https://youtu.be/3qDG8X83auU

    • Live and let live. No one is pushing or promoting anything. People living in community has been the key to successful societies for millennia.

    • There is a big difference between communal living and communist living. Communism is a former of government. People don’t have much choice in that. Communal living is a personal choice and everyone has say in certain thing’s. BIG DIFFERENCE.

    • @Skeptical Mom I say certain things because not everyone has say in private matter. Certain things meaning the communal areas. Besides the fact I don’t wanna make a broad statement for all communities. They all have their different rules.

    • Skeptical Mom, Communal yes. Communist no. The village owns the land. Residents own their homes & personal property. Some limited-ownership varieties: Homeowner Associations.(HOAs), co-ops, condos, manufactured home parks where you own your home, but not the land under it, co-housing, and others. Tricky stuff, but it can be waded through, depending on how you want to live!👍✌

  2. I love when you go to villages looking at the different homes gives me the feels. I love to see how everyone personalizes their home. These tiny home videos inspired me to do a balcony garden

  3. Interesting concept & a nice variety of homes. It wouldn’t be my choice living arrangement but I do wish the villagers well:)

  4. So enjoyed this video , and the community featured. I hope this community is followed, as it is a breath of fresh air in so many ways.

  5. Wonderful video. Brings one joy and hope. Which is important in a time overwhelmed by Covid-19. Whish I knew where the place is and how to contact the village to see if they have room for one more – me. Otherwise, this little caveat, an absolutely amazing video which brought me great joy to watch, and resulted in ideas which later appeared in a dream I had that night. To the villagers – heavenly. Big hugs to all of you!

  6. Is it just me thinking this, or are “Tiny Houses” just getting bigger and bigger? Don’t take it wrong, as the houses shown are very beautiful, but tiny living has become “bigger” living 🤔

  7. I absolutely love the first house shown (Soul’s)! The design and size is beautiful, it is so comfortable and so well thought out!

  8. I love the concept of what’ they’re striving to accomplish and can appreciate it…more of us can learn from this. But in these times it truly takes a special kind of people that can make it happen…I’m inspired, thx👍🏾🙏🏾✌🏾💞

  9. Oh! How much I would love to live in Pt Townsend EcoVillage in a tiny house! It must be lovely to be part of a permacultural community, in spite of the many challenges of community living. Also you have easy access to Pt Townsend, Olympic forests, and the Pacific Ocean to go hiking, camping, or what have you. Namaste and Peace to you. Jenny

  10. At 2:40 when she said “we don’t agree with you as an individual” and then laughs…This really started to feel like a town in a horror movie, where the car breaks down, the husband goes to look for help, and finds to this village in the middle of the forest.

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