Mini Bus Tiny Home w/ Huge Fold Down Table, Shower & Functional Workspace


Check out this party bus! Seriously, this skoolie used to have neon lights, a ball pit, and memories only the walls have seen! Hugo and Kaori bought it from an auction and quickly went to work making it into their DIY home project. They designed it with a massive alongside one wall that easily folds down, allowing for a hammock to be secured right down the center of the rig. The kitchen has nice functionality as as their shower/ room. The exterior is a mysterious dark grey with a solid roof rack and mounted on/off-road motorcycle on the back. This on wheels suits this hard-working couple as they make their way checking off the country state by state.

Shot by: @theaveragebrad
Edited by: @sagetraveling
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  1. Yes! The extra off season storage disguised as pillows! I have seen many bus tours where there is just a pile that accumulate s at the end of the bed, so this seems like a simple and easy solution (so to me the idea was original to you πŸ˜†). Thank you for sharing!

  2. It appears you are a quick learner, it looks efficient and suits your needs, that is all that matters. Thanks for sharing your home.

  3. Great job πŸ‘ agree with buying a brand new van/bus and putting holes in it and learning. Love the color of the van πŸ–€πŸ€ inside and out!! Good luck and happy travels ❣️❣️

  4. Out the gate……..I love the vibe and look of your build! One of the great things about Life is realizing the ***importance of trial and error……and knowing how to adjust your thinking and mind in ways that caters to exercising knowledge that’s supported by improvision (basically a certain level of confidence that empowers). Verses complaining and needing to depend on and seek out assistance elsewhere, when in time of need for “screw ups” or just not being able to figure whatever out. I think you guys make a real good couple and will enjoy your adventures. After seeing the motorcycle (wink), I already know what time it is! I miss those risky and adventurous rides on mine!!! #period

  5. I’ve heard that lights under vehicle discourages rodent intrusion. Very neat layout and stories of how it evolved. That pillow idea works at my house 🏑. Bon Voyage. Carry on! Yet to develop computer skills to do creative writing on the road. It’s my vision. Thanks for sharing yours.

    • LOL usually people name their bus or van, but I meant to say that we didn’t give it a name … it already came with the PARTYWITH sticker, so we just left as is πŸ™‚

  6. Wow, great build, I actually thought it was one of the larger shuttle buses!
    You guys rock the modern tech. look. Thanks for sharing.
    Nikki from Miami

    • It’s a 2003 Ford E450 7.3L Powerstroke diesel engine … and it was built as a school by Thomas Built Buses … if you thinking of getting a ford diesel, look for 7.3L engines …. veryy solid

  7. You are such a charming couple, it was real fun watching this! I like the size of your bus – not too large, just right, The grey color is very nice too, but do add a splash of red inside to liven up. Too much grey and black. The world is in color.

    Making your electrical set up easily accessible is very smart design. What a joy to easily fix things under the table. The components are well ventilated for heat dissipation too, just make sure that you have some EMF radiation protection on a wall covering that panel, so your legs don’t absorb all that electrical discharge over time. I would use an anti EMF cloth/material on a plywood wall that snaps into place with magnets. Its a good dust cover too, dust is the enemy of electronics. I also love that long countertop, so much space to work on!

    You both have a lovely home, a result of hard work and good design. I wonder how many miles to the gallon you get on this 7.3L engine?

    Victor – please improve your articulation. Your words slide into one another. I think this is a habit from speaking Spanish, where it rolls off the tongue fast. English requires a more clipped and precise delivery. The hardest is French. I speak multiple languages, and each one requires a different rhythm and some are gymnastics for the mouth. English is not as bad as French for articulation, so do make the effort to make each word distinct. You are a very skilled man, talented and creative, and your speech needs to be just as polished.

  8. Great build but you may want to consider a different platform for your mattress so you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew. Slats work well for ventilation. πŸ™‚

  9. You guys did an amazing job. Congratulations. Your home is amazing. It is also amazing that the moment Victor said something, I was like: what? Wait, this is a Brazilian person speaking. ❀

    • Awwwww Valeu Carla πŸ™‚ sou sim … nascido e criado no Rio ate os meus 17 anos, but I’ve been in the USA for a while πŸ™‚

  10. You are the Cutest Couple… Way to Go on your New Adventures.. Love the Bus Design. Fr.. West Coast Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ 🌿❀🌻❀🌿

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