Minimalist Family Living in a Perfectly Customized Tiny House on Wheels

Bianca, Justin, and their son Bodhi live this 30- long on wheels and they’ve designed the interior to fit their small family’s perfectly! Their current parking arrangement is an example of the land stewardship model meaning they are the secondary dwelling on a piece of land and they take care of the gardens, the chickens, and the bees on the property.

The was a DIY build that was for sale on Kijiji and they bought it for $60,000 CAD. They added the kitchen, the furniture, and they modified the bathroom themselves to make the home comfortable and functional.

Justin is a Montessori Adolescent Teacher and a Land Steward, and Bianca is a small space designer, a downsizing expert, and a sustainable specialist.
What we love about this interior is that it has flexible spaces. The main floor bedroom is currently Bodhi’s bedroom as well as the closet space for the whole family, but when he’s older, they could easily swap sleeping spaces and give him the loft. The room can also be configured as a dining space, a guest bedroom, or a safe sleeping space for a parent and child if someone isn’t feeling well. And finally, the kitchen is intentionally extremely minimalist (for example, no oven or permanent cook space) so that it can be used many different ways, and they have an induction burner, a BBQ, and there is an oven in the main building on the property that they can use on special occasions.

We hope you enjoyed this full tour and meeting the lovely and alternative Metz family!!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. THANK YOU!!! For your honesty about the psychological challenges and taking the romantic notion out and putting the reality in🙏It is truly the most present, conscious and appreciative way to live and raise a grounded adult who isint defined by what they possess👍👏☺️

  2. I love this tiny houses but I don’t have the personality to feel calm in such a tiny place. If anything like my husband said ” knowing you we would need a tiny house for each family member and the visit each other every day” 🤷🙈

  3. The land steward model is a good idea, esp for ppl that cant afford the land, do you know of any groups/associations working on this? Also a very 2020 question is how to combine a tiny house with being a prepper…LOL maybe using metal conexs as outbuildings for storage

  4. I love the idea of helping the older generation so they can stay in their homes instead of being forced into nursing homes because the upkeep work gets to much for them. Unfortunately in a lot of areas tiny homes are illegal- even if you pay rent for using the land. Cost of living is absurd; a peace of land can be $2.5 million here but alternative living is not allowed because of taxes. Most people choose alternative living so they can save up to buy in the future. Instead of making it a win win situation by helping everyone out we are making it so much harder.

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