Minimalist Living in a Dream Tiny House

This young minimalist couple are in their incredible tiny house on wheels. Video sponsored by Storyblocks! Get your 7 day trial:

Despite getting off to a rough start with a builder who didn’t deliver on what was promised, the end result of this tiny house is nothing short of spectacular. Live edge walnut kitchen bench tops and lots of clever design elements have made this into a quirky and brilliant home on wheels. The couple have found a wonderful for their home and are now looking forward to a bright future in their tiny house.

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‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © Zyia Pictures Ltd


  1. Hi Bryce, can you provide any information about underfloor, wall, roof insulation? Especially for these homes in Canada. Would be really cool to build a little Cabin that could be used for Mountain adventures

  2. Everyone has the same counter top. It’s a cliche now. Almost like having to state “My stuff doesn’t own me”.

    I guess i’ve seen too many Tiny House videos. They all look the same to me now. Same counter top, toilet, fridge, roof access. I need to take a break, I guess.

  3. Lovely house but I’m a bit disappointed that the man didn’t give his opinion at all, and she just spoke for him. You’d think he’d have a say on these counters…

  4. Haha! I love the last shot of you sitting in the tub, Bryce! Looks quite uncomfortable for someone your size, but very funny. Another great video, as usual :).

  5. god i love your videos its such a inspiration it was allways my dream to life somewhere in the nature but not stationary thank you some day i do my own Tiny House.

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