Minimalist Rent-Free City Living in a Tiny House & Stealth Van

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John Paul is the life, splitting time between his tiny in the Blue Mountains of Australia and his stealth camping van, which doubles as a rent-free central Sydney apartment during the work week.

As a minimalist, he has been able to downsize his possessions to the point where everything he needs can now fit into a backpack, which travels with him anywhere he goes.

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Additional van life footage for this was filmed by John Paul. Check out his Instagram at:

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  1. This would be great and id love to do it but i have a cat that i would never abandon, but this is so clever!!! Really well done

  2. John Paul, I admire your lifestyle so much! Thought of it myself but you make it clear its truly possible to live like this. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!

  3. Appreciate the videos Bryce I love the channel and have been following since forever, can’t wait to see how you go with Your project been waiting for the updates for a while, One more thing man how is your Lotus Belle tent going for you, Love the attention to detail on the videos too how that graphic just floats above the timeline on your videos anyways thumbs up keep doing what youre doing its awesome thanks

  4. I really liked this guys tiny house. Its very much scaled down. I think I’ll be taking the kitchen style with the deep counter to use in my studio

  5. I”m confused – somebody gave him use of the land and existing house? Is it that easy in the Blue Mountains, a single FB post gets numerous offers to live free on their land?

  6. nice crib..i can see myself living there a single place for me…but not in the forest …..need to add some tv wifi so on..

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