Minimalist Tiny House in the Forest! // Full Tour!


Today we are back at the Northwoods property exploring their ! Minimalist design with a and house, this is a set up we have never seen before! Located in the middle of the forest for maximum peace.

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  1. These two tiny houses are not well designed. Why is the table so tiny? It could’ve been twice the size and no space would have been lost. What’s it with that black thing on top of them? Is it empty? That’s a waste of space. Is it just there so the roof is dipping? Strange choice. And that bathroom… WHO designed that? Way too much space. Tiny board for no reason. And why is the window on up so high? Why not lower it so you actually have a view, and curtains for privacy.

  2. It’s pretty and beautiful scenery but having a bathroom outside of the bedroom is a game changer and a No for me ,the kitchen I maybe could do without in the room but not the bathroom . It’s a shame though cause it’s beautiful there ,maybe some people would like it that way but I don’t see why .It seems like such a waste of such a gorgeous place but with no bathroom in the house where U sleep just doesn’t work .

  3. I like the blue but black will be pretty too .I can’t wait to see your tiny house all fineshed and I’m so glad to see a bathroom and kitchen in your tiny house lol

  4. I liked the one from last week better. This is nice one to unplug and get out into nature. The hike to the bathroom would be too much for this old lady.

  5. One really important option missing in the first cabin , a toilet. You have a stove for cold winter nights, and what are you supposed to do, walk out in the snow and pee? Or go to another building in the winter, carry the woodstove with you? These are really ridiculous!

  6. So, Levi…I normally love all of your Airbnb videos…but this ain’t one of them, Lol. I personally would not stay here. No indoor plumbing or kitchen, in 2022, is NOT happening, NOT appealing, NOT worth any amount of money, even for a weekend. Sorry, but that’s my opinion. On the other hand, I am so excited about your own Airbnb. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  7. Beautifully designed properties, but one issue: a room where the BED occupies most of the space – and prominently – is not a “living” space. I’d feel uncomfortable hanging around a bed all day! They should’ve used a pull-out sofa or some kind of partition to separate the living and sleeping spaces.

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