Minimalist Tiny House In Tiny Home Community

For sale here:

This has a curved roof and no loft which makes it lightweight and easy to go. Oh, and downstairs sleeping.

For sale in Isleton, California:

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  1. I would love to have seen the bed put down to see how compact, or how far it sticks out. Looks like it would go almost against the door, which could actually act as a safety stop at night.

  2. $75,000.00 is way to much for this tiny home. It’s nice, but would be nicer to have a loaf bed instead of a so called pull out bed. It would be perfect for one person & a small dog & that would be it.
    Randy Jones of Incredible Tiny Homes starts his 24’X8′ @ $45,000.00 & goes up & you get to customize it for you. He can even get a washer & dryer in it to. I’ve seen them & they are gorgeous. Go to his website & check them out.
    You can’t go wrong if you design it & build it yourself. Check him out.

    • stilcrazychris Agreed. It’s a lovely home, but wildly overpriced for what you’re getting. You could purchase a new, and much larger tiny home for $75,000. Good luck to her.

  3. Выглядит как захламленная бытовка строителей)
    Но прикольный экстерьер с кровлей)

  4. It’s perfect for a single person I could make do but prefer a sleeping loft to the bench/bed. It’s def livable. Bathroom with the tub is great…ok with convection oven too. Didn’t see a fridge though? Maybe she has a mini and forgot to show it..

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