Modal is a prefab ADU to rent out or dwell in your yard

A year after Salt Lake City allowed owners to put tiny homes their backyards, Colin Jube and Dallin Jolley launched Modal Living, creating prefabricated that allows homeowners to erect small shelters and within months.

Modal charges around $120,000 their basic unit (installation not included), but they say owners are renting them for two to three thousand dollars per month.

They’re also being used as -law units and kids home from college. Jolley says prefab has come a long way since the park model mobile home trend of the ’50s and ’60s.
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  1. This is the major problem with rentals.. $ 2000-3000 a month for rent.. LoL You need a pretty good job to afford this, and you will never save a penny going forward, unless you have a 6 figure job.. This is not affordable housing it’s an investors dream..!

  2. thanks for the video kirsten, great camerawork, get a good feeling of the size with all the different lens sizes and perspectives

  3. Seeing just the bed, table part. The bed is too hard to get down or up, that´s only for heathly people. Same table, not easy to handle. Socket should be close to the table, embeded to bed.

  4. Wonder if the politician that drafted this ordinance also owns the trailer company… In real terms, I doubt this will do anything towards housing the low-income/young/vulnerable, and make a hell of a lot of already rich people even richer. If the government had any interest in housing low income people, they would build more social housing that could eventually be purchased by their tenants. Capitalism wins again I guess…

  5. Basically we are regressing into the modern iteration of Mud Huts. If only people’s heads weren’t so puddled by the media ***sigh*** There is ample room for every man and woman on earth to live in plenty of …. and here’s the key …. Permaculture Space …. so wtf are we bothering with this plywood shed/container living BS? You’re better off in a Wigwam.

  6. I was loving the idea until he said the price-$119k. Might as well buy a prefabricated unit that they sell at Lowe’s for $10k and add insulation, electric and plumbing for another $5k. Rip-off.

  7. Compared to what the other folks Kirsten documented, this is laughable. Look up “Full home unfolds in 1-hour, kitchen & bathroom included” on her channel

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