Modern BARN Tiny House w/”Constellation of Lights”

In this episode, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen visits the family behind “Red Tiny Houses”, at the Florida Tiny Festival. This gambrel “barn” tiny house on features one of the more modern and awe-inspiring array of pendant lighting- a virtual “constellation” of edison bulbs that adorn its ceiling.


  1. Truely love it!! Very that window wall puzzle..Thank you , for sharing..sweet!! Greetings from New Orleans Louisiana peace & Music☆♡☆OpaL

  2. So, so, so pretty! Enjoyed listening to their story. Wish we could have seen more detail on the bathroom and loft. Thanks for another awesome video, Deek!

  3. This is why I wonder what takes some tiny house builders so long to build a tiny house. 8 weeks to build a gorgeous home from the little of it that we see.

    • 8 weeks is FAST- thats day-in/day-out building IN a facility (indoors) where you have all the tools, and most likely, the materials, at hand.

  4. The camera work, lens and angles suck. This video was not effective in showing the house. I’ve seen several of this guy’s videos.. and they all have the same ineffectiveness to them unfortunately.

    I have no doubt the tiny houses are cool & interesting but he either needs to make the videos longer or cut the chit chat.

    Either way, get someone that knows how to work a camera.

    • L. Q. My thoughts exactly! From this channel’s video footage I never seem to get a good grasp on the layout of the tiny houses. Or anything really. Houses are cool but filming needs some improvement.

  5. I also love the wall of windows with enough shelf area! The barn shape roof has always been a favorite of mine! Thank you for sharing this with us Deek!

  6. Needing your help! What is the washer dryer in this HOME! I’ve been looking for a solution to a short person washer dryer. Deek Please respond. My 83 year old short 5’0” independent mother would love this!

  7. Deek, HELP! What is the washer dryer in this tiny home? I need a tiny person washer dryer for a 5’0” 83 year old independent MOM! Thanks!

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