Modern Prefab Tiny House Makes a Quick & Easy Dwelling Alternative – FULL TOUR

These units are fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and a transforming living room and thanks to a murphy bed sofa setup. They are built by Hewing Haus and come several different sizes and layouts, from 200-600 square feet.

Hewing Haus builds their homes with cross-laminated timbers (CLT) and they insulate on the outside. Building this way creates a very quiet and energy-efficient home that requires little energy to heat. As with most and well-sealed homes, air quality is very important. Each unit has a Recovery Ventilation unit, as well as extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom.

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Mat of Exploring Alternatives

Additional Photos and Videos provided by Hewing Haus

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  1. These designs are genius!!😁 Love that they are also set up for off grid💘I would go w/the 200 or 300 sq ft. The smallest would be great as a guest house🏠

  2. Very beautiful. The 200sq ft home is much too small for me, but I’d go for a 400 or 600 one. Extremely disappointed there is no mention of pricing, even on the builder’s website. I see some tiny home companies quote the reason for building and designing homes as an alternative to the inflated housing market but then price out their tiny homes for 100k, 150k, or something like that. Kind of defeats the purpose in some cases.

  3. Building a house on gravel near a body of water may not be so wise. Why do you think nothing grows there? How did the gravel get there? There are reasons for that! 😉
    But I like these houses very much!

  4. I like the automated shades on the big window, but I would want the shade to go from the bottom up instead of top down, so I could have some privacy but still be able to see out and have some light come through the very top.

  5. Is it true that these tiny prefab units cost from $75,000-$100,000? If so, that’s outrageous, even criminal. The tiny house movement started as a way for low-income people to afford their own homes. Now that they’ve become trendy, builders have jacked up the prices beyond reach of those who need them the most. One more thing… Don’t even think of plunking one of these down in Florida. The first hurricane that roars through will turn it into kindling.

  6. I have the same coffee table in black. For extra counter space, I have a picture frame table. The videos for them are in my profile.

  7. the roof could be slightly curved and be entirely covered with flexible solar panels, as seen on modern sailing boat – you could easily have 1.5 to 2Kw on that roof.
    the sofa bed looks flimsy – it really needs to be made much more durable.

  8. This is just TOO small – literally NO place for clothes/luggage, whatsoever. I mean, if it is meant for remote places, you are not just going to waltz in wearing a silk sleeping gown that is also your day dress and wear that for 5 days, right? 😀
    I presume that those larger units make more sense, but this one is definitely not a stand-alone house. Perhaps if it is in the backyard of a parents’ home and you can come and play games or sth with your mates and then just go back to your main dwelling.

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