Mom Builds Daughter Tiny House – it’ll be her dorm & Mom to RV travel!

Thanks to our video sponsor, Nebula Capsule projector! Get yours: ✨ Single mom, Holly sold her 2800 sqft house in pursuit of tiny home life. Then with her brother, she built a tiny house her daughter, Tilly–a dorm room alternative. And Holly also bought an RV for bucket list travels with her boyfriend.

Video Chapters:
0:00 – sponsor message
1:03 – intro, downsizing journey
3:10 – 24 ft tiny home tour
8:25 – tiny house build
9:32 – tiny house walkthrough cnt’d
17:55 – tiny house as dorm
19:03 – standing height loft
21:18 – tiny house transition
22:14 – tiny home parking
23:16 – RV travel adventures Mom

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  1. Single mom, Holly sold her 2800 sqft house in pursuit of simple tiny home life. With her brother, she built a tiny house for her daughter, Tilly–a dorm room alternative. And it’s lovely & super practical! The standing height loft bedroom is incredible. 👉🏡 *Watch a tour of a Retiree’s container home on wheels offers healing & affordable living:*

  2. I love how you manage to have everything you need in this tiny house. I especially love the kitchen n the upstairs bedroom that’s actually on the floor and not on a loft which I personally don’t like. You, young lady, are really fortunate.

  3. There isn’t anything I don’t like about this tiny home. Everything from the location, the storage spaces, the bathroom, the kitchen, the stand up loft, etc. are amazing.

  4. Truly enjoyed your story and tiny home. Peace on your journey. You and your mom are such beautiful peaceful women.❤🙏🏾🕊

  5. This is one of the most beautiful tiny homes I’ve date. I love the black and white contrast. My favorite room was the loft room because there is room to stand up. I wish them luck for their future.

  6. The tiny home is set in such a wonderful area of Durango. Every part of the house
    has a utilitarian aspect. But also the style is so tasteful, stylish, and quirky in the best way. Tilly has a wonderful and loving Mom who has ensured that she will have a great place to live. This combined effort by a brother and sister shows what can be accomplished on a reasonable budget. Congratulations on a very successful endeavor.

  7. This was soooo! Sweet a labor of LOVE..came out so Beautiful!!!…and Miss Tilly will feel Super Safe…much better than the dorm…Mom a very Nice thoughtful…Tilly your Mom is one of a kind. 💕

  8. I loved the walk in loft with the tapestry ceiling that was Amazingly Beautiful!! Usually I’m not into that much Black 🖤, but the Black 🖤 tapestry reminded me of the night time sky. Great for the bedroom ceiling and sleeping. This looked like a comfortable place to live. Thanks for sharing. Also your place may be quieter than the dorm for studying.

    • I’m glad you thought to put in thick insulation, plus a appliance that was able to keep you Cool enough and warm enough year around.

  9. This tiny house is amazing. Holly is an amazing mum and I hope Tilly realises this and works hard to make her mum proud. Holly has built a really good foundation for Tilly. Shout out to Holly’s brother too.

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