More Families Are Living In Tiny Houses

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Gwen and her small family of four lived in this tiny house for 3 years. Now their situation has changed and they are selling their tiny house in Vancouver, Washington.

“We lived in this house with our two kiddos for almost three years. The oldest child slept in the twin loft and the youngest in a pack and play in the bathroom. The bathroom is rather large!
There is ample storage under the stairs, on the front of the house, and under the sitting area.
New light fixture in the bathroom and faucet in the kitchen. Updated remote for light and fan fixture in living area.”

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Located in Vancouver, Washington


  1. Yeah electric box next to shower not a good look,and the rust on the outside even though it’s reclaimed it’s still hazardous especially if you have kids playing near that stuff.

  2. Yech! How could anyone have a pleasant evening on that “sofa”?
    A big “NOPE” from me…
    The entire house looks very cheap and nasty.
    I love tiny houses…this is the worse one I have seen.
    All wrong.

  3. Not worth 45 grand, not very much of a home feel. Funny that tiny houses started as a way tobe dept free and now people are selling them for so much money. I’ve seen tiny houses for 200 grand. This one is tossed together and they want 45. Nope.

    • It may not be worth $45K but let’s not exaggerate…

      First, let’s make it clear that tiny houses are not a new invention. People have actually been living in small to tiny structures for most of human history. Modern Tiny Houses actually date back to near 1908…

      Second, building a custom home is usually not cheap. You’re making something with a lot more labor and material costs than can be done with a mass produced product and with no ability to off-set costs with quantity sales.

      If a company were to mass produce a given model tiny house then it is possible for them to be incredibly cheap but one off creations are usually going to cost a lot more unless you do all the work yourself and use free or next to free stuff with reclaiming materials and repurposing… But not everyone can do that…

      There’s also many things that can make things cost more… In this case they went with a 10′ wide design… Understand, trailers don’t come in 10′ wide. So it has to be custom manufactured specifically for this tiny house and that means a good chunk of the cost is from just the trailer chassis.

      Tiny House trailer chassis also have to be built beefier than RV trailers of the same size because a Tiny House will typically weigh more due to the residential style construction and this increases the wider you go…

      The trade off for the higher construction cost is they have more room than a typical 20′ tiny house would have… They have 200 Sq Ft vs the normal 160 Sq Ft. and wider interiors allow for more flexible floor plan that feels much more like a regular house… Mind, keeping the design within road legal limits means the exterior can’t be wider than 8′ 6″ from the widest point… So the interior width is usually closer to 7′ once you subtract wall thickness, roof overhang, etc… But a 10′ wide means the interior is over 8′ wide and can make the difference of being able to have people easily walk past each other vs taking turns getting through a section of the house.

      That may still not make it worth $45K but it’s not nothing either…

  4. is this some sort of contest: who can build the smallest house? this is a somewhat big house…… for my dog!!!

  5. Not surprised that it wasn’t mentioned in the video but the listing online says there’s water damage in the bathroom from the washing machine. And online it’s listed at $50K, not 45. Who in their right mind would pay that much for something of this quality that’s used?

  6. tub next to the electric panel……this house is going to kill someone. it’s houses built like this that give tiny homes a bad name and bad municipal codes. Tiny house listings, please do not support the sale of this dangerous home.

  7. This right here, is just plain greed! They don’t even consider the lower class people. I am on Disability with M.S. & don’t get more than $700. a month. How are we able to even get something like this?! Esp. if they want cash up front & all of it too! Like I said, greed !

  8. I see it as a solution for homelessness if someone had no place to go that could be a home for someone or a family

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