Most Ideal Tiny House Size?! Permanent Pocket Neighborhood

The Hiatus is an amazing livable on foundation inside a one-of-kind cottage-style community located in Bend, OR. The footprint is 400 sqft, with 2 lofts it’s 598 sqft. Built to IRC Appendix Q standards. ✨Hope you enjoy this #tinyhouse & #pocketneighborhood tour!

The Hiatus is inspired by Ross Chapin’s work. Parking is on the exterior of the , and the clustered face inward to open shared community spaces. Residents enjoy winding paths, trickling ponds, garden boxes, bocce court, and cozy fire pits. Feels like a sanctuary!

Each of the 22 (about 16’x25′) is built with the highest quality fixtures and surfaces, with a focus on livable design. 👉Learn more and get news on future cottage communities:

👉More About Tiny Home Regulation in Oregon:
🏡🏡🏡👉Special notes: 1) some counties allow permitting of RVs and THOWs for extended stays, 2) Portland allows them on private property with these requirements:

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    • Hi my name is Christian and I live in Portugal.
      What would be needed, to bring this project to the south of Europe? We have an amazing living quality and the most beautiful places. Is there a way to build this type of house, in a less expensive version?
      Many thanks and congrats on the great work!

  1. So dam expensive , i would never buy such a tiny house.
    moving to Texas soon. for $250,000 i can buy a big house there. with about 2 Acres of Land. tons of space. no thanks

  2. I, too, think the price is ridiculous…many Anytown, USA, homes 1500 Sf or more can b purchased for 250k. This tiny home explosion is moving so fast, it was supposed to be an alternative way to live modestly, minimize cost not create a new mortgage. There will b no way millennials will afford this!

  3. This is amazing! Well thought out and the attention to detail is incredible. We are looking for a real estate consultant to assist us with zoning for a tiny community development in Northern Arizona! Any guidance would be appreciated!

  4. It is so WONDERFUL to see all the small living options that are possible! A beautiful pocket-neighborhood like this offers an amazing way to actually own a quality home in Bend, Oregon.

  5. Tall loft = most of ceiling is less than 6′ 👎🏼
    & This guy has no idea of ART. & Why have the loft “open”…the house is an open plan already…bedroom loft needs privacy.

  6. Really nice landscaping and the homes are handsomely designed. However, the interiors do not have the best use of space — they could have put more into an even smaller footprint when you compare to some other tiny house designs. Also, the price point is too high when in many parts of the country you can get a full sized home for the same amount or less.

  7. They’re lovely but why are they so expensive? That takes away from the desire to go tiny. Why would you? Not encouraging…

  8. All those storage is Exhausting. It makes the house look more like a science project or a toy. a stairs is better of simply as stairs. its a beautiful house…but it doesnt look minimalist.

  9. Love the houses….but I would NEVER live in OR again…Spent almost 6 years there and was so glad when I was able to move. The cost of housing is horrible.

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