Multi Level Tiny House With BASEMENT

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I had the opportunity to tour this tiny house a few months ago and was really impressed with the build, along with Chris’s (the builder) energy and excitement for building tiny houses for people. This tiny house has some really neat features. One that I’m not sure I’ve seen before is a basement that can store stuff as well as serve as a sleeping bunk for a couple kiddos.

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  1. Wow, I want to be supportive, but designs like this will cause a gov crack down on tiny houses – or worse, illness or death of occupants. 

    Bunk:  no escape window in case of fire.  Same with space under the adults’ sleeping area.

    A ceiling inches from a child’s face while in bed?  *Out gassing (like formaldehyde from plywood)* can lead to cancer down the line.  How about respiratory issues?  Keep in mind the vulnerability of a child’s brain and body since still developing.

    Kids not claustrophobic?  No problem.  They will be.

    Airflow prevents mold growth.  That sleeping fort under parent’s bed screams NO AIR FLOW.

    Ready for one more? 

    Never place an outlet where you can’t see it, unless you want to start a fire when someone plugs in device that heats up for ‘just a few minutes’ but forgets it there or a blanket accidentally gets flipped onto it.


    The GOOD:

    Clever use of surfaces and seating for meal time.

    Pretty reclaimed wood.

    Unique ladder hidden away by swinging on hinges.

    In floor storage box.


    *** Microwave with vent that vents to the outdoors !!!!  Kudos, since venting can exhaust deadly Carbon Monoxide in case of fuel being burnt.


    And I get that your idea is that it would be used as a vacation unit.  If used that way, it would limit exposure to outgassing.

    • Also I wouldn’t be able to reach the latch for the ladder and the door for the secret hideout can easily be opened from the outside which is dangerous.

      I love the basement though

  2. Well done brother, well done. The flooring is, wow, breathtaking. Best of luck on the future sale of this one of a kind gem. Oh, did u build with the intention of selling?

  3. some is good, i like your basement, but it should be in every floor space for extra storage and you have no closets

  4. The area where he said the kids should sleep is too small. For a claustrophobic like me, I’ll die down there. And it’s not a basement.

    • The area can be used for lots of things. Especially for storage. My kids love it and it is as big as lots of loft sleeping areas.

  5. I love it all! Well, the fort where kids could slumber freaks me out and reminds me of a MRI which reminds me of being trapped but, COOL CONCEPT for those less triggered than me. ? What an intelligent man. Very skilled. Very impressive. Very passionate.

  6. I wouldn’t want this house as it is but that’s hardly a complaint because I realize it wasn’t built for my use. The truth is I love this guy and his house. I watch a lot of tiny house videos and they are getting so homogenized but this has a lot of really original ideas for anyone to borrow. Loved when that bedroom wall dropped down to make a table. I like how it’s just honest materials too. I hope you really enjoy using this house…and or get a fair price for it.

    • Thanks Lethia! And well said! I wish I didn’t have to build a house without knowing who it was for. But I did make it super easy to change kitchen/bath and tons more room whatever! Thanks again for your comment!

  7. The floors are great, the decks are great, but so unfinished. It’s important to have egress windows so ppl can get out if there is a fire.

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