My solo tiny house vacation cozy night away from my baby!

As a mom of a 10-month-old, I’m constantly chasing my tail. So, I decided to treat myself to a cozy in a beautiful Scandinavian -style in Portland, Oregon. I attempt the danish art of “Hygge,” which means slowing down and getting cozy. Come with me on my solo vacation!


Jenna Kausal

Marcia Trader

Jenna Kausal
Marcia Trader




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00:00 Why I need this solo trip
00:19 Hygge… what is that?
00:59 Let’s go inside
01:21 Let’s get cozy!
01:38 tour
02:40 The sun goes down & it’s time to settle in
03:15 Cup of tea? Don’t mind if I do
03:35 Rain falling & thoughts
04:48 Trying to sit still is hard…
04:54 Burnt myself!
05:05 Being away as a new mom
05:34 And I’m an idiot…
05:45 Trying to redeem myself
06:09 Fire ablaze & a book..but…
06:29 Distractions!
07:04 Time for
07:25 Good morning… time for coffee
08:34 & a “spa” shower
08:42 My experience with this Hotel
10:47 How an introvert, that runs a YouTube channel, re-energizes
11:23 Time to check
11:33 I still can’t pronounce it…


    • Olema Cottages – in Marin County (just north of San Francisco) – right by Point Reyes National Seashore. They have several cottages to choose from.

    • your tiny house lol also I know you may not feel the most comfortable on camera but I feel like a Jenna VLOG channel would be impactful, entertaining, and educational!

    • En México hay lugares muy bonitos como Peña de Lobos. Me han platicado, no he ido, pero me gustaría ir, dicen que es un lugar hermoso y enigmático. Es puro bosque, con cabañas de buen tamaño, es especial para acampar, ya sea solo o en familia. 🌲🌳🏕️

    • Whidbey Island. An AirBnB rental in Clinton owned by a great host named Katie. With a big deck and a view of the sea. Outstanding! My fave so far!

    • The TH you showed here is beautiful and really looks cozy, I feel like the experience would have been more telling if the whole familly was there, so maybe you can try that?

  1. I remember as a mom of young children, 24 hours alone would have been a miracle and so essential. And then it’s good to be home to hug and kiss your family.

  2. THAT– is one EXCELLENT little house… and the RAIN… if that roof were TIN or metal it would be nicer… but it’s GORGEOUS… comfortable.. and just so cozy… WOW- lucky YOU..

  3. You did a GREAT job of HI-GEE ( no way to get HU GA out of the way that’s spellled.. don’t care if they DON”T like it!! ha)… Anyway- great video… and Love that little house hotel…

  4. this episode was very nice and informative and cozy. i have watched you for years and have enjoyed your featuring so many diverse people and their tiny house living. this is the first time i feel that i got to “know” you better. just you! and you are fun (like your humour) and enjoyable to be around. your baby is adorable and it is very good that you have the opportunity to take some time for yourself. obviously you have a great support surrounding you. very important! i like this Finlandia very much and it speaks to the coziness and warmth of hygge. and yes, you are pronouncing well. i respect your self-consciousness to pronounce it correctly. i like how you are honouring this tiny house hotel. they are doing something good to expose people to the benefits of tiny living.

  5. A little bit of emotions for you in this trip, been watching you’re tiny house videos for quite a years now. Life has changed for you, mother, wife, lots going on in your life. Is that TH a 10 wide? its got to maxed right out to 13’6, a 10 wide TH is a lot nicer you could live in the Finlandia full time with no problems. I’ve been watching Incredible Tiny homes you tube channel, THs have come a long ways, I think you got into it before things really started rolling.

  6. Great video! It’s so funny how as Moms we long for just a few minutes of quiet time to ourselves, but as soon as we have it we long for our babies! Hope you got some good R&R in and that you’re back home now enjoying your little one! ❤️

  7. I think it’s great you had time to reenergize ! I love watching your channel and hope to go Tiny living one day. Lots to think about and would definitely do a weekend in one .
    Can’t wait for your next post 🌻

  8. This was so nice to watch. It made me feel cozy and relaxed just by watching it. I definitely have a thing or two to learn from you and from hygge (did I spell that right?). This mama hasn’t learned how to step away from being a mom. Maybe I can convince Cam to take me away for a night! I hope you enjoyed your time alone. Much love to you 💕💕

  9. Ive been watching your channel for sometime. That place is great. Wish it was more affordable for regular folks. Taxes and fees are a bit for one day. Still lovely tiny homes there.

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