My Tiny House Compound Tour

Back in 2013, I purchase a few acres of land in Eastern, North Carolin about 30 miles west of Wilmington. The idea was to have a retreat for my friends, family and guests along with myself to get away from society for awhile and to enjoy solitude and rest.

I finally decided it was time to take you for a quick tour through the compound and also give you ideas about what the future holds. In the future the whole place will be on Airbnb when it’s complete so be sure to lookout for that.

Thanks for watching and thanks to Pompsie for doing the video!
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    • Black bear yes, but only saw the scat of one and that was years ago. Mostly possums and raccoons and some bobcat here and there.

  1. I would find away to pull that hot air down into the place when it’s a chilly or cold out. Your set up isn’t something I would be interested in. My outhouse days are gone.

  2. I understand what you mean about buying in the country my 2 uncle’s aunt’s did that they bought farm’s so there nieces and nephews children grandchildren can go out to the country. My brothers and I would live out there for the summer my 2 little sister’s would stay out there with my Auntie granddaughter was there age.

  3. Can you do a video on critter-proofing these outdoor dwellings or the problems that come with part-time tiny houses. Also passive heating/cooling/ventilation considerations. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the full tour. I love how you and your dad marry simplicity and functionality so well in your builds. I have been following you and Deek for a while. My mom’s family owns a 3,000-sqm. property that I hope to build a tiny house on one of these days. I would love to do an off-grid setup, but solar panels are outrageously expensive—not to mention, hard to come by—in my part of the world. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love the channel. Cheers!

  5. I really like these two, Dad is living the dream. As long as he has everything he needs and is happy with what he has, you can’t ask for more.
    I will say that the buildings DEFINITELY need a woman’s touch! I’m not fussy and I love camping, glamping, nature, woods and tiny homes BUT if I showed up there for any kind of a retreat, I would leave. Sorry! ? But it reminds me of a hillbilly hunting camp in the Tennessee mountains.? I’m just saying! ?
    Great place for a men’s getaway and I hope it continues to bring you a world of happiness. ????????????

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