My Tiny House “DAY IN THE LIFE” During Coronavirus Lockdown

I have been bouncing back and forth between my and my in Seattle (which I share with my husband), during the . It’s nice to have a cozy place in the woods, on , to in.


Videography & Editing:
Jenna Kausal

Epidemic Sound


  1. Am i the only one whos like,, why is she not feeding the dog enough??? I knw she might hv…but i was thinking tht all along the vdeo

  2. I like how you film and put together the video, it’s very relaxing 🙂 And your tiny home looks great.

  3. My (retired nurse) mom said that people should sanitize their hands before removing their mask if not wearing gloves.

  4. So nice to see day to day activity in a tiny house.i have thoroughly enjoyed all of your videos and have got a nice stock pile of them, thanks again from Australia.

  5. It’s got to be a little lonely, with no one to talk with, no husband, no kids…But, on the other hand, that can be a real chore, and you’re eventually going to wind up like this anyways when you’re old, no more husband, no kids, no one to talk with, and all alone, so maybe you’re just skipping stuff and getting to the inevitable.(lol!)

  6. You need more protein at breakfast, like 3 eggs. And red or sweet potatoes rather than oatmeal for carbs. And water and assorted vitamins, multi, D, Tumeric, Calcium/Magnesium, Omega 3-6-9, and amino acids.

    The tiny homes are wonderful to visit, but I do like my Home Gym and baby grand. Hard to minimalize those things. And, cooking and prep time, but also freezing a lot. And room to properly make a bed. And, closet space as I do enjoy my sport coats, shirts, pants, and ties. And my den. And, the proximity of friends and neighbors, conveniences within walking distance. Of course now, I’m talking from civilization in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, where we have the best of everything, urban and nature, so unlike much of the United States. And a capable Prime Minister, as opposed to Donald Gump.(lol!) No wonder a lot of Americans want to retreat into solitude.(lol!) Stay safe.

  7. Ah, did not know that you are no longer a “tiny houser”. What do you think the average longevity is in such a dwelling? 2 – 3 years tops? The Hippie movement didn’t really work either.(lol!)(Don’t worry, I am Liberal.)

  8. Saludos desde Argentina, acá tenemos 2 frases en estos días, qudate en casa ( stay at home) y juntos es mejor ( all is best together), abrazos a la distancia, y muy lindo canal!

  9. Very relaxing to watch, thank you! Oh, I wanted to ask: what is the snack (flat, dark red?) you’re eating while working on your laptop??

  10. Okay, again, you are not getting enough protein or veggies. Your diet? Oatmeal, canned soup and frilled cheese? The supper was a little better. You need to be eating better and exercising more, or your going to be frail in the not too distant future. And please, supplement, especially now, for your immune system.

  11. Thnx for sharing, it’s enjoyable to watch how one lives in a tiny house, not that it should be any different than anyone else’s. 😂 Are u ever going to do a tour of the small Seattle home?

  12. Looking good. NC has been doing just what your stores are doing. I paint rocks, too, and hid them to add smiles to strangers faces. Glad you found a cozy place on Whidbey Island. I have acquaintances in Enumclaw, Onalaska, and Chehalis!! E in NC

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