Nashville Couple converts a Tiny House Van for under $5k

There are quite a few fun built-ins and transforming/moving elements to this tiny house - one built by Daniel and Rachel Messick from Nashville, TN. Dubbed “The Bananavan”, this small dwelling on wheels was recently at the St. Augustine , where we had a chance to catch up with this duo. You’ll love the space saving, sliding, clothes rack, the “guitar book shelf” and the tiny kitchen that they’ve managed to fit in their very small home on wheels= all converted for just under $5000- including the solar array an all!

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  1. Enjoyed the storage ideas from this video. Bought: Micro Living: 40 Innovative Tiny Houses Equipped for Full-Time Living, in 400 Square Feet or Less to get ideas for small places in my ranch home. I love this book! My husband is looking at it for ideas for the backyard! Recommend this book highly!!! Thanks Deek:)

  2. Those beds are for everyone. Just saying 🙂 … I had an operation age 9 and was in a bed
    like that. Nice VAN HOME … !HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone! or Whatever you do 🙂

  3. I love how the closet is on sliders. Push it forward over the bed during the day and over the living space when you sleep.

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