1. Very Nice build,I’m planning on a similar design but with shipping
    container’s 1 20 foot container with a 10 foot container on top for a
    bedroom with an indoor ladder like this as well as a big deck to give nice
    outdoor flow.. Kane from Christchurch New Zealand. 

  2. I love how you guys design and make the houses, the are so beautiful and
    fit in so well with their surroundings. I hope there’s more videos on the

  3. How do you get around having the fridge next to the stove like that, say if
    you were cooking for a dinner party I would have thought you might cook the
    fridge as well…

    • +Hill Billy I’m a kitchen and bath designer and that was my first thought.
      Appliances have improved in the decades I’ve been doing this but I still
      adhere to several old school rules one being a range never ever goes
      directly next to a refrigerator. The refrigerator has to work to keep
      things cold and frozen and doesn’t need competition from something meant to
      get things hot.

  4. The thing I don’t get is what is the attraction to putting together two
    tiny homes? I could see if she got a discount on that abandoned project but
    you could build a smaller home with a foundation that is a decent price
    anyhow, I would think. I thought the whole idea was portability and
    avoiding zoning laws.

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