1. You take the time to make such nice videos but it would be nice to actually
    see a bit more of these stunning homes.

  2. Awesome house, thx Alex for sharing. Although not made for long travel like
    an RV, sometimes this would be on the road, and I wonder about the weight
    of sheetrock walls, granite/cement sink, full wood floors, etc. This thing
    must weight three tons…lol . It sure is pretty, though. Thx

  3. I didn’t see a shot of the bed-space. I’d love to see that. I’m keeping my
    eye on the upcoming Acorn house as well! This is a possibly viable answer
    to my ongoing housing issues! The square footage is NOT that much less than
    my little basement-suit! I’m so excited to see a builder in CANADA!!!!

  4. Here is south korea. I didnt know what alaska lif style. Seems like little
    bit uncomfotable.. But i like it. Sometimes i feel not good. We have too
    much every thing.. Actually south korea getting popula camping and nature
    life.. turn back time.. Anyway thanks for make video.

  5. I like these, but I have my own idea of the design, but I’d still need to
    sit down with someone & talk about the building….thank goodness for a do
    it all dad!

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