1. Although this model is too small for what I personally envision myself
    living in, what you have put together is truly inspiring. It’s easy to see
    the pride in your work. The wet weather you filmed in made the “V house”
    look even more cosy and inviting. Thanks for the upload.

  2. That was a nicer layout to the original, I liked it & the desk would be
    perfect. Bath house could it be closer or connected to the house? I am in
    wheelchair & 1 room would be better.

  3. Is this a joke, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. That toilet is
    disgusting and would stink up that little shit hole, and who the hell wants
    to have a bath everyday, have you heard of a shower? And buddy giving the
    tour, take your hands out of your pockets and the dick out of your mouth
    when you speak. 

  4. 😮 Two things I now want for my tiny house by seeing your videos: A secret
    stash area in the floor and a light switch in the loft for the lights in
    the whole house.

  5. overall nice house, however, there could be some thinking over with the
    bathroom situation. a) why would one need a sink in the bathing room, if
    there is no toilet? no one would have a bath in the tub and then want to
    wash their hands. b) why would you put the toilet next to the kitchen?
    smells? c) shouldn’t the toilet be with the sink in the bathing house? I
    mean, say someone uses the toilet. Are they expected to go outside and
    around to wash their hands? I think if you had thought this issue a little
    further, you would have an overall super house :)

  6. Why a separate bath house? Wouldn’t it be less expensive and far more
    convenient to have made the house larger? No counter space to prepare food
    whatsoever and no room for a sofa or comfortable chair. This tiny house it
    truly too small. Just a few more square feet would be so much better. 

  7. One day, nice work guys. I like a separate bath house. Great tub. The use
    of the floor for cold storage – smart. :)

  8. very cute! just wondering… what are the dimensions of this one? seems a
    little smaller than the “normal” tiny I’ve seen. 

  9. any particular reason why you always use cast iron bathtubs in most of
    your houses. the weight of those tubs are extraordinarily heavy. 

  10. l do like tiny houses but this looks like it’s more for temporary rather
    than permanent living right? Not a practical kitchen/toilet or storage. Can
    see this as a nice weekend getaway though

  11. I have a question about the legality of such a small house: I’m not sure if
    this applies to BC as well, but in most US states, houses are defined by
    strict building codes, and anything under 500sqm (if I’m not mistaken) is
    considered illegal and has to be built on a trailer to circumvent such
    restrictions. Given that same or similar regulation exists in BC, how did
    you manage to legally build this house on that property without putting it
    on a trailer?

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