New Tiny Home Community and Financing: Incredible Tiny Homes

We’re excited to announce three new tiny home community opportunities and their exclusive financing options!

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  1. You guys are awesome!
    And always bring a smile to my face!!
    Every time I watch your videos
    You guys work great together! So funny and cute to watch the two of you!!
    You guys keep doing what your doing…
    I pray every day that Randy will build my 1st tiny!
    Hopefully soon one day🙏

  2. Hello again, your plan will be a great success keep your faith!
    The beach phase is awesome considering I live in Boynton Beach FL but it’s your concept that I love! I currently live in a manufactured home I also surprised my now ex husband with 10 acres and a 400 square ft park model log cabin. That was my gift to him when he came back from Iraq a Thank You for his service in the Army National Guard for 25 years. I miss that little home and the current home I’m in is really too big so I truly want my own tiny home.
    Randy NEVER give up on this your going to make many people succeed on their prays🙏

  3. Can you have your own shed on your lot? Can you do a fence for a dog? We are very interested in doing this with you next year.

  4. Tropical plants in TN??? Better research the ZONE there is a reason tropical plants are in a Tropical Zone, the TN Zone is not conducive to many tropical plants due to it’s winter climate.

  5. If a person pays 100% up front they get a deck and a shed free, but what about the three years rent free on the lease??? They get that as well don’t they???

  6. You are a God send to so many people. I pray that your idea takes off accross America. With all the babyboomers coming of retirement age , your providing homes, communities, work and pure love , pure genius. I hope that so many people support your ideas and: this mission takes off in every state. Theres alot of people who dont have family, to help them when they get old. Jesus Christ bless you always. On your social security statement, some people only get around 500 a nth., that’s more realistic.

  7. I want to live there, just not sure if I would want the Forest or Prairie. I love the woods but want to do solar panels too 😆 Greetings from Ohio 👍🏼

  8. I love this idea!! But is this strictly going to be setup like a retirement community because you didn’t mention any playground areas for children

  9. Coming from the DMV $700 is super cheap but you have to get that $15,000. This is where the hard part comes in. If I had it I would be done there in a heartbeat. Great deal Randy!

  10. I would not want to be that close to the road and the railroad tracks or frankly so close to others. But that’s just me.

  11. Man I came across your homes earlier we’ll do research on Tiny Home Manufacturers, and then started watching these videos. This community idea is great. As a young dude in his 20s, I think tight knit communities like this is something we really need that my generation didn’t get to experience.

  12. Do the beach and the prairie have 2 parking spots aside? Also is it possible to live in either (or both) with a 10×24′ model? Thank you!

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