Newlyweds Renovate 1959 Airstream into Gorgeous Tiny Home

Danielle & Hy Boltz renovated an into their dream .



Dallen Detamore
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jenna Spesard

Additional photography provided by: Danielle & Hy Boltz


  1. so cozy and comfy looking. I could definitely live in this. What a gorgeous dog too. Yes he’s big . . . but I think he fits right in to that cozy comfy vibe.

  2. Oh I love this!!! I’ve been looking forward to watching this video specifically and you guys did such an awesome job!

  3. What a beautiful couple! Those two will go the distance. And the cozy little home they have formed together is absolutely beautiful… peaceful, and a reflection of who they both are. Wonderful!

  4. For once I’m a little more in love with this couple than their gorgeous tiny home. They’re so charming. LOL. The little music interlude really SENDS.

  5. That was cool at the beginning where they are playing their music and it segues into the underlying soundtrack. Too bad the whole video wasn’t edited that way. It was almost disappointing when their live music was faded out and the generic “Tiny House Giant Journey” soundtrack was overlaid throughout the rest of the video. I still gave it a thumbs up though. 🙂

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