No V.O.C. “Ikea” Tiny House can be pulled by an Escalade!

This house comes as a numbered kit, and a direction book, similar to the assembly-furniture of Ikea…. (thought not produced by them)

Deek and Dustin’s Hands-On Tiny House Workshops-

Deek Diedricksen visits with Roget Lehet at the Tiny House Festival in Florida. Roger, having just lost his longtime home to a fire, shows us his BRAND NEW - and current home. This kit-like house is V.O.C. free, features a sleep loft, vaulted ceilings, and some of the highest end German windows you’ll see in a tiny home!

For more on Roger and his tiny houses-

His wood stove company


  1. Roger, great house. I use to live on Vashon many years ago, Sylvan Beach. I’ll look you up some time. Thanks Deek. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Wow! What a lovely tiny house!!! I want one. To bad I live in Guadalajara, México and we can’t have that type of houses but any way. Lovely.

    • Carla Portocarrero Carla, why can’t you have a house like that in Guadalajara? Just wondering, I’m considering retiring in mexico, Anna

    • Anna W OK. Mmm you will find wonderful places here. And one I can recommend is ajijic, jalisco. The only thing is that the regulations for housing are a little bit different unless you have a land to place your tiny house. I live with my husband and our seven year old daughter in a beautiful apartment which has two floors. But our dream is to live in something smaller and simpler. But if you like you can look for more information and perhaps you will find what you are looking for. Greetings.;-)

  3. The thought of paying $19K for a space to live in for a few years is tempting. I imagine all the money I could save for travel, for a really nice fixed house with land, and for retirement.

  4. Gorgeous but is there ANY insulation? I love the untreated wood but it appears to only have 1 layer of wood. When you do the bigger one how much do you expect it to cost?

  5. Those ornate architectural details make a huge difference in a tiny house. nothing worse than being cramped up in plain box shape.

  6. Great architecture but where’s the house?  No kitchen, no bathroom, nothing except a bed?  What is he actually selling?  The shell?

  7. Mr. The Deek, love your videos. But please for baby Jesus’s sake, normalize the audio in your intro. Slightly low voice over to GOODBYE FACE FLESH gets me every time. At least start with the loud stuff so I’m not turning it up by the time the music comes in at an 11.

    Also, you and the dreamy long haired Kiwi guy are like my own personal Tiny HGTV channel, without the drama. I love it.

    Edit: Oh yeah, the house was cool too. And cheap, though I bet shipping was a bitch.

  8. shucks, wish they’d actually shown more of the tiny house. and given more info. for example, is it plumbed/wired? i see that others are asking about insulation, too. some more details would be great.

    but WOW! sure is beautiful.

    clearly the $18,500 is likely without appliances, and that’s just fine. one thing though, if it’s light enough to be towed by an Escalade, i wonder how much weight appliances would add. maybe not much.

  9. Love the ceiling. Love the log style. But too many windows for me. Everyone talking about how they would deck it out, yet no utilitarian wall to place a book shelf. But I’m a computer guy so I like my solitude with the computer as the lazy man’s window to the local and not so local views. Which is kind of hard to do if your computer is in front of a window or being glared upon by a window behind it. How much lighter would it be with just the curved windows up top? Kind of the high school gym of tiny houses to make one that way, but functional wall space is something lacking in most tiny hourses IMO. Having lived in a tiny space (army barracks), having the option to re-arrange the furniture was a must for me. If only to move the bed away from the largest source of noise. Or move it towards the closest source of heat, depending on how the army chose to torment it’s single soldiers that week.

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