Norwegian wood: LEGO-assembling rural prefab cabin in 1 day

There are 500,000 cabins in for 5 million people, explains Oslo architect Marianne Borge. While the of these second homes has grown in recent decades, Borge wanted to return to the roots of traditional Norwegian (cottages). According to Borge, the tradition is about forgoing the comforts of modern homes to escape into nature: no electricity, a wood-burning for cooking and heating and an outhouse or field as a toilet.

Her Woody15 is a 15 square meter one-room cabin with no kitchen, bathroom or electricity (but complete with wood-burning stove). She attempted a modern take on the traditional log cabins by creating an all-wood (Norwegian spruce) from 29 cross-laminated (CLT) pieces. The tiny prefab can be assembled in one day (though the cladding, and windows take more time). She shows the Woody15 on her friend's organic farm outside of Oslo.

Photo credits: Monica Strømdahl (construction); Jonas Adolfsen (completed).


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