1. I love how you prioritized comfort in such a small space. The bath option.
    The changing room. The bigger head-space above the bed by using the couch
    instead of the top bunk thing. The large fridge. And all the colour is very
    nice and cozy.

  2. Maybe not minimalist but warm and well organized just the same. A home
    where the ukulele reigns, what a great life, absolutely love it!!

  3. Those older shallow basins are the best way to save water. I suppose they
    knew that when they used to carry it. I keep a shallow bowl about that size
    in my kitchen sink and use it for washing dishes. I rinse with a walmart
    water container that has a spout on it. Probably use about a half gallon or
    less a day for washing dishes all day long. I body wash in even a smaller
    shallow bowl with vinegar water.

  4. Nice layout. And finally a ‘tiny house’ where the toilet is next to the
    door. I don’t like the idea of carrying a poop bucket through the kitchen.

  5. Wow!! What a beautiful space!!
    I love the detail and all the work done. It certainly makes for a very
    economical, but comfortable space with beautiful and artistic decor. GREAT

  6. The space is way too clutter (over done with items, but not space), but it
    works for them. Maybe, if they can focus on less is more since they have a
    primary house then the space wouldn’t look overworked.

  7. What are the specs on the PC they are using and how much energy are they
    getting from the solar panels? Have they also tthought of running an hdmi
    cable from the PC to the TV for multimedia purposes?

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