Off-Grid Artisan Tiny House Built To Escape Wildfires

was fortunate. With his last 28ft he managed to pull it just out of the way of the wildfires which swept through California in 2017. That experience really got him thinking about the design of his home though and he decided to something more compact which was more easily moved.

His first on wheels was an absolute dream.
It's quite common for people to build smaller when they construct a second tiny house. The smaller the home, the easier they are to and the easier they are to find parking spaces for.

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Just like his first tiny , this one is exceptionally well constructed. Every inch of this home is a celebration of and sustainable sourcing of materials, making this build a true artesian eco .

Ryan is a builder of stunning .

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston

Editing: Rasa Pescud

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  1. I have a 7×14 I’m building now, won’t have this cabin feel, was going to do a 26ft next but now thinking this might be better, same size as mine but with more of a cabin feel, thanks 🙂

  2. If I thought of it as a house I couldn’t live in it but if I thought of it as if I’m camping in a camper that looks like a house then I can do it, I don’t know that’s just me. But I love my big house.

  3. 60.000 $ for a tiny wooden shack?? Is there a toilet made out of pure gold hidden somewhere or what?
    Nice build but the price is ridiculous.

  4. Artsy Fartsy tip: A friend of mine just opened a boutique and DIY’d damn near all of it. The best and most jaw-dropping part is the cash wrap counter- she took a gorgeous piece of live-edge wood slab and rubbed/sprinkled crushed turquoise in the larger cracks, then shellacked/epoxied over it for shine and durability. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and added a splash of unexpected color….You’re welcome!

  5. Everyone should watch this video. So many great ideas. Ideally, everyone surviving the fires in Paradise, California, etc., should get the choice of living in a copy of this, rather than camping in a tent, or sleeping in their car. Many people are getting really sick in Paradise, from the cold. Ideally, there should be about 7 billion of these, for every person on earth. If everyone in America used a cook stove like that (dometic) with denatured alcohol, we probably would not have Fracking or importing oil and gas. Please interview David Blume on his tips for making your own ethanol. This would be helpful for anyone making their own beer, wine, or canning fruits and vegetables. He’s in the You Tube film ‘Pump.’ Please do another video focused only on all the uses of that ‘cement’ wall. Could it be used on floors just by itself? It looks practical in a wet, muddy environment. I’d like to see a version of this with a ‘salt shaker roof’ that collects rain water. Like your sailor friend in New Zealand built. It might be easier to support the solar panels on a ‘salt shaker’ roof. Also, more air circulates inside during heat waves in the summer. To lower costs for the masses, you could buy stainless steel recycled from restaurants which have gone out of business. Oakland, California has a store that specializes in the selling or recycled stainless steel. The stores, ‘Urban Ore’, in Oakland and Berkeley may help builders lower their costs, as well keep good stuff from ending up in the landfill (garbage dumps). Habitat for Humanity stores may have bargain windows, doors, sinks, etc., as well. There are also amazing finds at garage sales and ‘estate sales’, for when people are moving away. It is incredible what goes in the garbage trucks after these estate sales are over: quality clothing, towels, blankets, books, etc. !!! KCBS radio in San Francisco AM740, reported on a teenager in San Mateo, CA who created an ‘app’ to match those who are donating items to people who need specific items, to help prevent the pile up of donated bags, never getting to the people who want the items. For example: matching specific sizes of clothes to the people who need them. This needs to be used for every garage and estate sale, when the sale is finished and the items are headed for the garbage truck. Just one night can ruin an otherwise valuable couch, etc., left outside with a ‘FREE’ sign taped on the item. Rain, smoke, even mist, can cause mold and mildew; items must be moved quickly from donation location to person who wants it. November 16, 2018

  6. This home really show Ryan’s woodworking and wood selection skills. It is sad to see the devastation from the fires in California. Hopefully those who can will influence the building officials to allow more tiny homes so that those who wish to can build their homes on their property and move them to safety when these types of fire come again.

  7. I watched most of the videos in this channel and yeah I learned a lot. I am interested in the design and how they live in a tiny house. It’s sooo cool.

  8. Very nice and very well built tiny house even if I would feel a bit tight in it you can only admire the hard work. Also, great video again, so inspiring keep up the good work. Cheers from French Polynesia

  9. Thanks for the video Bryce. again I hear the word for the plasterlike thing on the shower walls. The couple from Gypsy Mermaid House used the same thing. sounds like thincet. what is it?

  10. Lol I think even Bryce was surprised by how expensive this house cost to build.
    $40,000 – $60,000 for a house that small is a little bit expensive in my opinion. Still from the previous video I remember Ryan doesn’t compromise on the quality of the materials, so I guess that explain it.

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