Off-grid container home uses pulleys to lower/raise bed & deck

Vojtěch Valda’s shipping container runs on wind, solar, and pulleys. He and his carpenter brother converted the 20-foot (6 meters) high cube into a transforming space his family of four thanks to his transforming inventions like a retractable porch, table, and bed. His low-tech creations were inspired by the simplicity and reliability of the nautical world.

Valda wanted to use a container because he could build it at his and easily transport it to his off-grid site. He built a wide roof solar and to collect for his 1000 liter tank. Valda and his wife documented the build and sell the plans to other DIY builders.


  1. Some really smart design principles utilized in this build. Simple, manual, robust systems are far more reliable & maintainable than over complex modern state-of-the-art solutions. You can keep them running even when society itself is breaking down.

    Given the many problems brewing around the world in the 21st century, including climate change & economic instability, a forward looking person with some smarts would be buying a piece of land with clean water, good soil, some forest and low property taxes on which to create a small, sustainable, renewable energy powered homestead.

    Challenge number 1 is then to quickly inhabit the land for periods of time to start creating basic survival infrastructure. A low cost, transportable, self-sufficient drop & go container house like this is perfect for this shelter role. It can even be secured for when you have to return to the city for your regular day job, where you can earn some hard currency.

    A second container set up as a workshop with all of your tools and a way to store materials will get you fully operational in no time. (See Project Kamp for their brilliant 2 container setup.)

    So, nicely done Vojtech & Family!

    • Agreed, and in Australia it’s needed to overthrow council officials who refuse to allow dwellings such as this. Even in rural areas there are many restrictions.

  2. Every one dreams of a Mega house at 100 million dollars. I dream of down sizing and having this size house. Imagine your monthly bills for housing.

  3. My father always said, “A house is a machine for living”–a saying which irritated my mother to no end.

  4. Portable gas bottles inside is against code here: its much safer outside and plumbed with rigid pipes. It’s better outside and LPG leaks unlike natural gas settles down on to the floor near the power points and boom. But that’s the only fault from putting the one tone of water on the ground: with a pump there is no reason to elevate it.

  5. This is amazing…I hope and pray the whole world will be going in this direction…we are destroying so many things on the planet…minimalistic living is the future. All these smart young people coming up will be able to solve all these problems we are leaving for you….you all were born for this challenging time…I wish things in the world were in better shape but I truly believe that a lot things are not going to be tolerated with this new generation…I see it in my grandchildren…I believe things will come out at a higher level but it won’t be easy.

  6. What language were they speaking to the kids? Something Slavic, but I can’t recognize it. Help me please if you know! 🙂

  7. Hi, I live inside a series of appropriated dumpsters. Each container serves as its own “intentional purpose vessel” (aka I sleep in one, I play video games in one and then I do you know what in the other; defecate, urinate etc). I switch up which vessel I p*** and s*** in every other week so I don’t get forklifted into a Terminator Vice, which henceforth thereby reduces death-risk ! I’m happy to invite you over to film !! Would make for amazing YouYube content 🙂

    ♡, peopledork on iG or DM me at my email address, samzurick on gmail

  8. I am pleased to see again a chapter dedicated to a small and inexpensive house that can be built without the need for a large budget, or a very high rent.

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