Off grid living A Tiny Houses update

Our experience is off to a sluggish start however this tiny house update will hopefully get us moving in the proper direction. Going off grid ought to be a lot easier. We finally got the tiny house moved to our property and positioned in its last location. It's not likely a tiny house cause these are normal eight ft wide. Our tiny house is known as a on wheels and because it's 12 ft wide it requires a permit to move it down the highway. It's registered as an RV so allowing is not required. First issues we ought to do is get the off grid cabin up on blocks and leveled, set up a front door, run the electrical wiring and change some missing insulation. After that we are able to placing inside the walls, kitchen, tub and the loft. We will subsequently run all electric powered on , cook dinner and heat water on propane. Any recommendations, remarks or recommendations are appreciated. Thanks for watching.

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