Off-Grid School Bus Home w/ 5 Pets! Rabbits, Cats, & Dog!

Animal lovers, Rachel and Adam, converted a into a home to live on the road with their five pets, including two rabbits, two cats, and a senior dog.

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Marcia Trader





  1. Thank you so much for doing this tour with us! The video turned out amazing and we are so happy to be able to share our journey with your followers.

    • What a phenomenal design! I love the incorporation of the emergency doors! It also didn’t get a mention in the video, but the mosaic around the heater (sliced agate?) is beautiful 🙂

    • @Soulful Bus Life Yes! Thank you for rescuing, your activism, and giving these babies a glorious life. I did see a ‘vegan’ sticker on something…’hoping’… I’ll follow you on all social media. I live in Zion Canyon, I am vegan, an animal rights activist, worked for four veterinarians in a large vet hospital, and welcome ALL vegan animal lovers. Please follow me on FB (I’ll send you a link in private somehow). I can’t wait to meet you and your beautiful furry babies!!!!!

  2. So amazing living on a bus with 5 pets. They are managing so well. So happy to see that home is designed for pets too. How considerate

  3. This is one amazing skoolie! Every detail is well thought out and built very well. I definitely identify with wanting the animals being comfortable as I also have a rabbit and looking to get a dog. Excellent job guys and thanks for sharing Jenna! Skoolie buses are my favorite.

  4. Love this bus build!
    We can be friends = since you have both Harry Potter and Jane Austen books on your shelves!!! Do you have any Shakespeare? If so, we can be bff!
    Thanks Jenna for sharing,

  5. ?? Love all pets, even in tiny spaces. ?
    It’s a no brainer I would build to accommodate my furry family members too. I could not imagine myself trying to do it any other way. I know as I’ve been mapping out and trying to plan for my build, they have been front and center in my brain, especially with an arthritic pup.

    I really liked this build and enjoyed taking in as much as I could, there were so many unique details. Loved all of the plants, the different sizes and species throughout. Really liked the backsplash and how it had been incorporated in different areas. The tapestry behind the wire was a killer idea and looks beautiful. Definitely one I hope will work with mine. The shower and window is awesome! Really liked all of the open doors for the beautiful views. The pictures shared with them in different areas were spectacular! Brilliant photography, and which I have to add that the pictures of their sweet, fur ball buddies was heart touching, so sweet.
    I know I’m leaving out a lot, so I have to say, there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like on this build, which is unusual for me. I may have liked to have learned more on how they had made their own composting toilet, but that’s about it. I can absolutely understand how I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else then in the home they have. It really is a sweet home.
    Thank you for sharing this with us, and would love to see other small homes/built on wheels created to accommodate their pets. The more ideas we have, the better our own builds can be.
    Be well and stay smiling ?

  6. I noticed a little tension in the comment that Adam does all of the driving. Rachel seemed a little less excited about the project since arrogant Adam designed it all….apparently.

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