Off the Grid Tiny Houses as Unique Hotel on Family Homestead

Thanks to our sponsor Birch! 👉Visit to get $400 off a Birch Luxe mattress plus 2 free pillows! 🏡 The Beers tiny home family host 3 tiny houses as hotel on their off the grid homestead. Enjoy tours of each, their robust solar setup & historic buildings! 👉Visit Hummingbird Tiny Home Inn:

Video Chapters:
0:00 – homestead intro & Airbnb tiny house
2:39 – Boho 18′ tiny house walkthrough
4:48 – sponsor message
6:00 – tiny house zoning struggles
6:50 – Mansion tiny house tour
8:39 – temp tiny house parking solution
9:35 – Hygge 30′ tiny house tour
11:31 – building cabins on historic homestead
4:52 – outdoor tiny house village space
13:26 – robust solar power system
14:42 – homestead tour & historic cabin
19:25 – tiny house community experience

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  1. We’re sleeping like logs on our new Birch mattress! Visit to get $400 off your Birch Luxe mattress plus 2 free pillows! 😴✨The Beers’ family live on a fully off-grid homestead in Northern AZ in their tiny home & created 3 lovely tiny house rentals. They’re working to build cabins on the property for other family members. 👉 *Watch the tour of their family’s 10-ft wide tiny house:*

  2. I’m sure you were meant to have this land. I got goosebumps listening to you talk of preserving the history and turning one building into a museum of the areas history. God bless you and your family.

  3. I really enjoyed learning about the history and heritage of the original homesteaders. I love the community they’re building and their commitment to preserving the history.

    • Good question! Check out their website (link in description) it’s mostly nightly rentals but maybe open to monthly 😊

  4. For extra storage in The loft, you could put shelving at the end of the bed or pull the bed closer and put shelving behind the bed

  5. Your Birch ads absolutely have me rolling with laughter…you are hilariously over the top! Thank you for brightening my day (and the pillow *whacks* were perfect!)

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