Old Denver city bus transformed as young family’s comfy home

Facing an unaffordable housing market, Scott and Emily bought a retired Denver at auction and rebuilt it as a spacious home for themselves and children. With no building experience, they relied on help from family and online resources.

They designed DIY to make the “rooms” serve double duty. Using a kit, Emily and her father built a murphy bed so the largest room in the bus can transform from kids’ play room to master bedroom. Scott and Emily hacked IKEA beds to create “living room” couches that transform into a large guest bed. Since Scott works from home, the back of the bus serves as kids’ bedroom (with one lofted bed) as well as .

The couple had already downsized their stuff before buying the bus when they spent a year living out of 36 liter backpacks. The bus was an upgrade, though they continue to live with tiny wardrobes and fairly limited belongings.

The family’s blog: http://whereweroam.com/


  1. Long time subscriber here. I love the way this channel shows unconventional ways of living. The best part is it shows how something can seem so strange to some, but so normal for others. People come from all walks of life, and there are billions of us. Not everyone feels comfortable in traditional houses. The thought of traveling the world in your home is so amazing to me.

  2. Hope they are looking at this as a temporary thing, the kids are going to need more space as they grow and will want privacy.

    • but they’re living NOW and right now the kids are happy as little clams…everyone changes as time goes on… dad….get a tarp and toss over that play area….instant tent, which would be shady under the deck area……forgive me…..I’m a grandma, I can’t help it…..

  3. Thanks for showing us an amazing transformation; from an ordinary bus into a lovely home. Great ideas.💟
    Such a lovely family.
    God bless.

  4. I was glad to hear about your toy rotation….I did that all the years my kids were growing up….the legos could never leave, and neither could winnie the pooh and a sock monkey, but other than that, I could pack a couple of bins while they were sleeping and they would never miss them…..but come a rainy day….it was a treat to have new (old) toys that were already loved but not recently….. you’ve got a nice little rug in the play room, have you thought of turning it over and making a duct tape highway for little cars? Easy, fast, cheap and the highway can have a new turnoff whenever you like.

  5. encore des génies de la récupérations vivres dans un bus le kif en plus magnifiquement aménagé voila une familles qui a mon avis dois être heureux merci pour la vidéo cela me fait réfléchir pour l’avenir a bientôt pour d’autre vidéo .

  6. I like those but they are such short term solutions. Like you have three children and i’m pretty sure once they are grown up they won’t want to sleep / be in such a small space. There is also 0% privacy, i would hate it so much tbh. Good for them if they like it but omg with a family of 5 i could never

  7. I love homes like these. We can learn a lot from using only what we need vs having space for the sake of itself.

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