On designing a stackable, bioclimatic shipping container home

Motivated by her love of mobile homes and bioclimatic design, as well as the surplus of shipping containers at Athens Port Piraeus, Nastazia Spyropoulou created a container home that is topped by a living roof and has little need of traditional heating/cooling.

Her prototype Cocoon Module is made from a used (though good condition) 40-foot shipping container. She tried to retain the container feel, leaving the end doors in place, though they can be opened to reveal a sliding glass door. At the opposite side she cut a small bathroom window for cross ventilation. The is well-insulated and the living roof provides an additional layer of insulation so the temperature remains stable most of the year.

In order to ensure that the home can be transported with ease, Spyropoulou added supporting beams to side which means the containers can be stacked for a second floor and additional living space at a later date.


*faircompanies: https://faircompanies.com/videos/on-designing-a-stackable-bioclimatic-shipping-container-home/


  1. love it.. I’d like to see this part. as the second “floor”.. or at least raised up on concrete posts. for ground clearance.. and a wood deck off the living room area. for nice weather… (ps.. her accent is fetching.. Italian?)

  2. I gotta say you guys made or stumbled into about as good a job as anyone could have, you get to travel all over the world, take your family with you, and get paid for doing it, that’s pretty cool.

  3. I think its really cool when you go to a house where the people live in them. Ask them to mov in for at least 2 weeks before the interview.

  4. 40 foot containers dont bend on movement unless you cut half the side out. It would have been cheaper just to construct a modular home, and make it a bit wider.

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