One Level Living in our Beautiful 10’x30’ Charleston Tiny Home Model for $89,900 (Home Tour)


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  1. I love this video and especially the nice lady who is a energy healer . I notice the things she has in her homes very peaceful.

  2. This is my dream tiny home layout it looks like it would real work for disabled and elderly to live… just gorgeous…

  3. This homeowner should be an Interior Decorator !! Her Home is Beautiful and feels open, LOVE IT ! This is a Perfect Example of use of space. Those narrow depth bookcases work well in there. We know the size of this model, however it really looks and feels larger inside. The White compliments the wood. Very Nicely done. This home would be Move-in Ready for someone like me. Beautiful Job ! 🙂

  4. Nice home, crazy price. I live in a 1910 farmhouse on a full basement I bought in 2018 for $43k. No lot rent. Taxes are $900 year. Michigan. This is not cheap living your tiny houses.

  5. When we built out home we installed a Renew Air whole house fresh Air System. Where we live it is cold in the winter and a ton of humidity in the Spring and Summer. In the winter the air would get musty/stale because you can’t open your windows and doors if it’s 30 below zero (lol) but with the Renew Air it always smells so fresh from the basement to the second story. You will love your Air System too. You have a BEAUTIFUL HOME and you did a wonderful job on organization and decorating.

  6. Perfect, and Dorothy’s character makes the Charleston a true home. This might edge out the Christmas House as my favourite now. Thank you so much for showing us around. I just wish you were in Australia. I’d buy an Incredible Tiny Home in a heartbeat.

  7. I agree; I like the dormer windows placed in the living room for the height and lightness. The size of her house is much more livable to me than when I first considered smaller homes.

  8. Lovely in every way. Didn’t understand why no washer dryer. As far as the grounds, I would leave it natural.

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