Open-Concept Minimalist Tiny House Built with Reclaimed Materials

This is a 25-foot long minimalist tiny house Rimouski, Quebec. It has a very simple, open concept design which makes the space really flexible, and it’s built with almost 100% secondhand and reclaimed materials, including the trailer, the windows, doors, the cabinets and most of the wood. It has a rainwater collection for the shower and sinks, and it’s designed to be on the grid with electric heat and hot water. There is a main loft that sleeps two, a second loft that they plan to convert to a child’s area with a railing and a single bed, and the couch pulls out to sleep two more people.

Israel and Audrey live on a remote piece of land that has access to a lake, and they’ve got big plans to their own food, organize outdoor activities, create trails, and they want to share their little piece of paradise with new people. They have the tiny house, a tipi, and a yurt for rent.

You can find out more about this dog-friendly tiny house on wheels on Airbnb here:

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  1. All great, especially for using reclaimed bits. But the gorgeous puppy dogs were the stars here;) ❤️ I bet they have a great life, exploring Mother Nature and swimming in the lake every day 🌞🌱

  2. It saddens me when I hear that a tiny house is built for the purpose of an Airb&b 😕. Love the rustic look of this house, on the outside. Inside is just okay….but no closet? Beautiful floors too. I can appreciate the fact it was all reclaimed materials.

  3. “yurt” is a Turkish word, yet you guys call it mongolian yurt 😀😀, it’s simply yurt, and it means homeland, home etc.
    Just like greeks calling it greek yogurt, Yogurt is another Turkish word, but somehow strained yogurt became ” greek yogurt” 😲😲😲

  4. J’habite en Australie et on dirait que tu as un petit accent Australien quand tu parles anglais et tu parles très bien l’anglais! I love your house, very bright and welcoming.

  5. I just starting to live off grid and am along way off from a tiny house but dream on. Check one of my videos ‘the great escape somewhere over the rainbow ‘

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