Open Concept Tiny House with Clever Custom Furniture – Off Grid Home Tour

Kate and Simon built this 250 square foot -grid Scandinavian-style tiny as a cottage and have since started building tiny houses as a family business.

To find out more about their tiny house construction, you can check out the Cabane website here:

This tiny house is 8.5 feet wide, 13 feet tall, and 20 feet long. It’s been designed to be fully off-grid with a panel and 12-volt battery bank for , propane for the stove and water heater, and a cubic stove for heat.

They used a -based spray foam insulation, and a natural oil finish for the interior wood finish.

We love all the space saving furniture they custom designed for their tiny house, and all the thought that went into making it a functional space for the couple and their young son.

The kitchen is massive with loads of storage space and countertops, and they did it without having overhead cabinets which gives the space a nice open concept feel.

The is quite spacious and can accommodate a queen-sized bed, and also has built-in storage and night tables, as well as a window for ventilation.

In the bathroom they have a 30×30 inch shower, a dry bucket-style toilet, and they have a grey water tank.

With the sliding patio doors leading onto a spacious deck, this tiny house merges indoor and outdoor space seamlessly.

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  1. 10:18 “My favorite season to come…” Is there actually one person in the whole world who actually lives in a tiny house year round. Because it seems like none of the people Matt and Danielle have interview live in them year round.

  2. Why not build a “smaller” house instead of a tiny house? It seems tiny builders are trying to out-do each other. Whats the point of being crammed in a miniature structure? If you want to be a minimalist, just build smaller. There is no way these 120 sq ft houses are ample and fit to feel comfortable in.

  3. To everyone out there! NEVER burn finished wood, or any kind of engineered wood product like shown at 2:04 (they are burning plywood). The adhesives and chemicals used when burned can be extremely toxic.

  4. Best tiny house design ever I have seen so far! Very simple, very minimalist. Thanks for making this video, and sharing with us!

  5. I love it! Perfect for weekend getaways. A little more storage would be nice, but not really necessary if you’re not there full time.

  6. Wonderful home! I’m sure Kate’s grandmother is smiling down on her family. I wish them all the best with the tiny house business. I’m sure it will provide many wonderful homes!

  7. Nice tiny home. Very spacious, due to the lack of clutter. I thought it was wider than 8’6″.
    Glad to see you finally monetized your channel. Your videos are amazing and you should be paid for them. Happy new year, everyone.

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