Oregon Tiny House Is A Private Tiny Homestead

If you happen to watch the video it’s sold, oh well, there’s still the whole “for your viewing pleasure” factor. This house sits on a piece of property in Oregon and has literally everything you need for some honest to goodness tiny house living. Even a mini wood stove is installed to heat this little fella via wood. Here’s a quick description of the tiny house and link below for most listing details.

“We are selling our custom built Home as well as our 1 acre property in La Pine, Oregon, where the home sits on, which is located in Central Oregon, just 24 miles south of Bend. We are offering both together, or the Tiny Home separate. Selling both together can offer as a vacation getaway or a second property with a home already on it! Endless possibilities.”

here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listing/la-pine-12-custom-24-ft--home-for-sale-in-la-pine-or

houses listed and rent daily: http://tinyhouselistings.com


  1. Hello, i love your tiny house, j’adore, elle est trés belle et bien arrangée/ Tout y est….thank you for your visit. A bientôt Bye bye. Il y a beaucoup de neige dans votre pays…

  2. Well thought out. Is the dog crate removable? In case someone wants to loft bedrooms they could put in a couch where the dog crate/seating area is.

  3. Am I the only one who find childrenless couples who use dogs or pets to create a “family” to fill the void in their life really pathetic and embarrassing? If you want a family, have kids. If you don’t, then leave animals out of your selfish and despicable lives.

  4. I happen to think that it is perfect just the way it is!! Her “clutter” just shows me how much stuff I can fit in it of my own. Her Christmas decorations look very homey and cozy to me. The price is not unreasonable. If you don’t have anything nice to say, why say anything at all?! BTW: It is none of our business why she is selling. Unless there is a sewage problem or ax-wielding neighbors. sheesh*

  5. Beautiful design. Love the windows everywhere. Is it permitted in its current location or will a house on foundation have to be built?

  6. I’m all for dog crating but that crate is awful. 4 sides being solid (2 sides, top and back) and only the front being open. That’s not very comfortable. Probably so stuffy. Not exactly horrible but not very nice for your dog either. Would you like it if you were a dog, It seems he/she isn’t in there much, at least I hope not.

  7. Seems very cluttered.  I would prefer more storage to put the clutter away in a better way.  Or designed better to allow for that.

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