Our Tiny House Design Objectives

The first of our weekly update videos! In this episode we talk about the objectives for our Tiny House and see some of the discussions with our team about possible features and technologies that may be used.

It may seem simple to design a tiny house, but in actual fact, because the space is so small, a lot more thought has to go into the design, and attention must be paid to every detail.


  1. Just out of curiosity are you on a predefined budget or is money not an
    issue? I feel like that could influence certain decisions.

  2. Hey. Currently we have not specified a budget level while we research the
    various technologies and materials that will go into building the home.
    However, our current aim is to try and keep the material cost under
    NZ$20,000.00, which is around the average yearly rent paid for a couple
    living in Auckland City. On our website, we will be tracking the cost of
    the build, but we will also be trying to bring down the cost of our own
    build by using recycled materials wherever possible.

  3. Solar panels need an air space under them to maintain optimum operating
    temps. Probably not a good idea to use them instead of roofing material.

  4. Hey! You’re right. We were actually looking at using PV tiles. We haven’t
    settled on any decisions yet in regards to solar power, but in the end it
    looks like PV panels will be a better option as they are more efficient as
    we don’t have a lot of roof space to work with. We will make sure that we
    place them to get maximum efficiency out of the panels. 🙂

  5. I wish you luck my friend. And tiny home power. I dream to build a little
    cabin for my self and travel around the the states one day. So you and your
    partner are truly yet another inspiration for me to want to continue with
    the dream of having a tiny home of my own

  6. I wish you luck my friend. And tiny home power. I dream to build a little
    cabin for my self and travel around the the states one day. So you and your
    partner are truly yet another inspiration for me to want to continue with
    the dream of having a tiny home of my own

  7. put a wind turbine on it! oh and theres plenty of tiny stove on the market,
    simply search on google for tiny house stoves or marine stoves.

  8. You hit all the same objectives as me! I look forward to seeing the
    official plans so we can copy you up here in WA state USA :)

  9. Why would you not even have an option to plug into a power grid? Is it not
    possible to live of the grid but also have the option to plug in?

  10. Hi there. Do you mind telling me what material you decided on for
    insulation? I’m kind of on the fence about natural wool insulation. Do you
    have an opinion on that? I’m not sure if they add any chemicals to that
    either. I’d appreciate your thoughts! :)

  11. I completely agree with your comparmentalized comment and yet it seems that
    is exactly what most tiny houses do! I think the best open layout design is
    to have the kitchen along one end wall and the bathroom along the other end
    wall. This requires a side entry but leaves so much more openness. For
    storage you can design a storage/ closet cabinet for what you need against
    the bathroom wall. Most tiny houses have the bathroom and kitchen running
    to the middle so it feels like your cooking in a cave!

    That’s the layout I will be using in my tiny house build; the final goal of
    my two year plan. LOL

  12. It seems like one thing Tiny homesteaders seem to be struggling with is the
    translation from conventional homes to Tiny homes. I suggest that instead
    of “translating” that we must truly re-think how we live. For example,
    simply plugging your laptops in at the cafe or at work doesn’t really
    “simplify” your life at all. It simply puts the burden for that power
    somewhere else. I know it’s a tiny example (no pun intended), but it’s
    illustrative of a way of thinking that I think we need to shed before we’ll
    be more comfortable in a smaller footprint.

  13. a 1kw solar system for the tiny house would run everything and have power
    to spare. the off grid system would cost $1500. the trick is solar
    companies can not re-use warranty replacement panels, so their sold for
    $50-$100 at 250W each. Trojan batteries are able to be rejuvenated and
    have a 2-3 year life $100 each at 12v@150ah. solar controller $280. a
    decent middle range pure sine inverter 2.5KW $250. there is never a good
    reason to go with out.. ok I live in Australia but there should be similar
    in NZ.

  14. Don’t go wood stove, too much of a hassle, install a small gas stove, 20lb
    Tank will last you all winter including the cooking. Just my opinion.
    Another thought, solar panels, if you don’t have enough room on the roof
    why not build a portable section you could set up next to the house and
    easily can be shifted too aim at the sun. Just throwing ideas at you. These
    ideas you probably already thought of. Very impressed at what I’ve seen so
    far, using very smart and lightweight products, love it.
    Good Luck, I’m jealous,

  15. You said your house has to be completely off the grid, but you only focused
    on the electrical without explaining your water/sewage solution… I’m
    interested to hear your thoughts on that part

  16. I just don’t get why everyone is so afraid of “chemicals” these days.
    Everything is composed out of chemicals, water is a chemical, every plant,
    rock, animal is entirely composed out of chemicals… I understand you
    prefer avoiding certain polymers for example because of the toll they take
    on our environment but please don’t write of any “chemicals” without
    educating yourself. Same goes for GMO’s, sure, regulations and caution are
    in order but for example the development of golden rice has saved so many
    children from sickness and death and takes no extra toll on the
    environment, plants with a better resistance to drought or diseases need
    fewer pesticides and irrigation which is also better for the environment.

  17. @1:36ish she says that borax “is a chemical from like cleaning products
    like detergent and bleach and it’s very nasty”…sorry but she is totally

    Borax is a naturally occurring salt (sodium) mineral found in dry lake
    beds. Yes, it is found in cleaning products (not bleach though) but it is
    not harmful to people(under most circumstances) or the environment. It it
    used in food products in many countries. However, some countries, like the
    US, have banned its use in food products that already have high levels of
    sodium…and we all know that to much salt is not good for us. Unless you
    are going to licking or eating the part of your tiny house that has borax
    in it you’ll be fine!

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